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The Shannara Files
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So I've been wondering for a while about the demographics of this site and what exactly it is that you guys do when you come, so here's a little survey for you to fill out if you have the time, I guess, yay. Name and email are not required but please don't fill this thing out multiple times.

Quick privacy policy - no, of course I won't be sending your personal info to third parties; in fact, the only personal information required for this is your age, and without a name and email address, well there's not much I can stalk you with. 8) Not that I'd stalk you if you put your other info in, but yeah, if you're uncomfortable with sharing, that's fine by me. And try not to do this if you're below thirteen years of age, gotta keep safe and adhere to C.O.P.P.A. :B


Email address:


Do you visit this site regularly?

If yes, then for how long? (Check the last box if no.)
0-4 weeks
1-6 months
6-12 months
Over a year

Do you look at the character lists?

Do you look at the timelines?

What would you most like to see on the site that's not here already?
More detailed character lists
More timelines
More downloadables (icons, desktops, etc.)
Other (specify in box below)

If other, what?

Feed my ego (but be honest) - do you think this is a good Shannara site?

Anything else?

If you want to actually contact me about something, use the contact form.

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