A Knight of the Word Character List

This character list is currently very bare-boned. I will be expanding it in the future, but for now, hopefully this and the timeline will suffice.

The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

John Ross
A 43-year-old Knight of the Word.
Nest Freemark
A 19-year-old woman who possesses magic. She attends Northwestern University.
Robert Heppler
A childhood friend of Nest's who attends Stanford University.
A sylvan who is roughly 150 years old, he guards Sinnissippi Park.
A tatterdemalion and messenger of the Lady.
Della Jenkins
A woman who has worked for Fresh Start for five years as a receptionist.
Ray Hapgood
The director of education at Pass/Go.
Carole Price
The director of Fresh Start.
Jip Wing
A volunteer at Fresh Start.
Stefanie Winslow
The press secretary of Fresh Start, she is the demon in disguise.
Andrew Wren
An investigative reporter who has come to Seattle to look into reports of financial improprieties.
Simon Lawrence
A 45-year-old man who is the founder of Fresh Start and Pass/Go.
O'olish Amaneh
Also known as Two Bears, he is a Vietnam veteran and Native American who is the last of the Sinnissippi and the messenger of the Word.
A sylvan who guards Lincoln Park.
An owl ridden by Boot.
The receptionist at Pass/Go.
Andrew's friend, he works at Lab Works and analyzes the signatures on the demon's documents.
The Lady
The voice of the Word, she inhabits the Fairy Glen.
A ghost dog who is part of Nest and acts as her protector.

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