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The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

Grianne Ohmsford
More commonly known as the Ilse Witch, Walker Boh's enemy; she is Bek Ohmsford's sister and wields the power of the wishsong. She takes Bek hostage, and at the end of the book is confronting Walker with the Sword of Shannara, which she took from Bek.
Araden Ohmsford
Grianne and Bek's father; killed by the Mwellrets that came to their home.
Biornlief Ohmsford
Grianne and Bek's mother; killed by the Mwellrets that came to their home.
The Ohmsfords' dog; it was killed when the Mwellrets came to their home.
Bek Ohmsford
Grianne's younger brother who also controls the wishsong; he wields the Sword of Shannara. He was taken hostage by Grianne but was rescued by Truls Rohk. He was visited by the shape-shifters as well.
A mixed breed between Mwellret and man; he raised the Ilse Witch and taught her how to use the wishsong.
Ryer Ord Star
A seer who follows Walker everywhere; she was the Ilse Witch's spy and saved the Druid when he was caught by Antrax by using her emphatic powers.
Truls Rohk
A shape-shifter who saved Bek from the ruins of his home and from Black Moclips; he revealed himself to the boy, showing his gross combination of human and shape-shifter.
Cree Bega
Captain of the Mwellrets aboard Black Moclips.
Rue Meridian
First mate of the Jerle Shannara; she is Redden Alt Mer's younger sister and is also known as Little Red. She manages to take over Black Moclips and sail away with it.
Redden Alt Mer
The Captain of the Jerle Shannara, he and Spanner spend all of their time repairing the damage done to their airship. He is also known as Big Red.
Spanner Frew
The shipwright and builder of the Jerle Shannara.
Kelson Riat
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara.
Jahnon Pakabbon
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara.
A Dwarf who went with Walker to Parkasia; he helps translate the Rindge language.
Quentin Leah
Wielder of the Sword of Leah; the wronk that was Ard Patrinell was hunting him and Tamis for his magic. He later kills it after nearly dying himself.
An Elven Hunter.
An Elven Hunter; he was killed by the wronk.
An Elven Hunter; he was killed by the fire threads at Castledown.
Walker Boh
The last Druid; he seeks to establish a new Druid council and ventures into the bowels of Castledown to find the lost books of magic. Antrax captured him to suck away his magic, but Ryer freed him. After realizing the books were not in a form that he could take home, he glutted Antrax with his magic and destroyed it, but is now nearly dead himself. At the end of the book, he confronts Grianne with the Sword of Shannara.
Ard Patrinell
A former Captain of the Home Guard, he was caught by Antrax and made over into what the Rindge called a "wronk". He was made to catch Quentin and the Sword of Leah, but Quentin managed to free him first by killing him.
Ahren Elessedil
An Elven prince, he and Ryer search for Walker in Castledown, protected by the magic of the phoenix stone. When Ryer found Walker, he went off to find the missing Elfstones, which he did. He wielded them against the creepers.
Joad Rish
An Elven Healer whose head was blown off by the fire threads of Antrax while trying to heal a Hunter.
An Elven Tracker who found Castledown, she fled with Quentin from the wronk. She was Ard Patrinell's lover and in the end was killed by what he had become, but only after Quentin freed him first.
Obatedequist Parsenon
A sub-chief of the Rindge, he found Quentin, Tamis, Panax, and the Elven Hunters and showed them another way into Castledown, where they found the remains of Ard Patrinell.
Technology from the Old World, it had one directive: to protect the knowledge stored in its memory banks. It made Patrinell into a wronk, captured Walker to feed off his magic, and sent creepers and fire threads to kill everyone else not able to defend him/herself. Walker finally destroyed it in the end.
Hunter Predd
One of the two Wing Riders that made it to Parkasia, he helps Rue take over Black Moclips.
Hunter Predd's Roc.
Po Kelles
One of the two Wing Riders that made it to Parkasia.
Po Kelles' Roc.
Donell Brae
Black Moclips' pilot, he and Rue meet up together when she takes over the ship.
Aden Kett
Captain of Black Moclips, he and Rue meet up together when she takes over the ship.

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