Firstly, a huge thank you to Brina for generously hosting me for all these years - without her, I'd still be bumming around on free servers.

Anyway, yeah. I am not Terry Brooks, and thus I do not own Shannara (although I certainly wish I did). I'm also not affiliated with Brooks, Del Rey, Random House, or any other of those people (I did meet Terry once in Sterling, Virginia on October 2, 2002, though), so don't e-mail me asking if I can get him to sign one of your books or something like that. This is simply a fansite made by a fan.

Notice there are two copyrights at the bottom of each page: one to me, Minnie Gong, because this site is my own creation, although the thing that this site was created for is not - which goes with the second copyright, to Terry Brooks. This means that because this is my site, I ask that you do not steal my layout or any of my downloadables and claim them as your own. It also means that I do not claim Shannara, even though my site is all about it; Shannara belongs to the great Terry Brooks.

Also, the graphics I'm using in this layout were done by Steve Stone, who has done the cover art for most of the Shannara books. For more info on the layout, go to the Layouts page.

The news from the main page comes from TB.net. If you would like to remain up-to-date on Terry's latest doings, I suggest that you go there, as The Shannara Files isn't a news site.

If you believe there's something on this site that needs crediting, do tell me in some way, and if you're right, I'll add it here. Yay.

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