The Druid of Shannara Character List

The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

King of the Silver River
Living since the time of Faerie, he creates Quickening and sends her to Eldwist to retrieve the Black Elfstone and to heal the land.
The elemental daughter of the King of the Silver River, she journeys to Eldwist with Walker Boh, Morgan Leah, and Pe Ell. After retrieving the Black Elfstone, she disintegrated into dust to turn the stone land back to normal.
Walker Boh
Known as the Dark Uncle, he lost an arm through the Asphinx's poison and goes with Quickening to Eldwist. He helped in retrieving the Black Elfstone and later used it on lost Paranor.
A shade who was once a Druid; he appears to Walker and helped keep him alive while the latter was suffering from the Asphinx's poison.
A once-Druid; Rimmer Dall sought to kill him but he used the Druid History to go into disappeared Paranor and became a wraith.
Morgan Leah
The wielder of the Sword of Leah, he is Quickening's lover and helped retrieve the Black Elfstone. After Quickening died and healed the land, his sword and its magic were restored.
Granny Elise
A soft, gentle Dwarf who was betrayed by Teel and put in the Federation workhouses. Morgan helped her escape later.
Auntie Jilt
A severe Dwarf who was betrayed by Teel and put in the Federation workhouses. Morgan helped her escape later.
He is the commander in charge of supervising the confinement of the Dwarves.
Pe Ell
An assassin and the wielder of the Stiehl; he was unknowingly brought to Eldwist to murder Quickening so that she could heal the land. Her blood and the Koden later killed him.
Coll Ohmsford
Par's brother; Rimmer Dall holds him captive in Southwatch so that Par will come and attempt to save him.
Rimmer Dall
The First Seeker and a Shadowen, he holds Coll captive and tried to kill Cogline but failed. He also employed Pe Ell to assassinate Quickening.
Walker Boh's giant moor cat; he disappears with Cogline into lost Paranor.
Par Ohmsford
A Valeman who has the magic of the wishsong of illusion as well as some innate Elfstone magic, he has possession of the Sword of Shannara.
Damson Rhee
Par's lover, she helps him recover from his loss of Coll and escapes with him through the tunnels of Tyrsis when the Federation was looking for him.
A furry creature that lives in the tunnels of Tyrsis and keeps the trash of the upper world in his lair, he helps Par recover from his loss of Coll and goes into hiding.
Horner Dees
An old Tracker, he shows Quickening the way into Eldwist and was almost turned to stone by the Maw Grint.
A tunesmith and king of the Urdas, he escapes from the Spikes to go with Quickening and her band into Eldwist. The Urdas catch up with him and take his head.
Maw Grint
Uhl Belk's son, it turns everything it touches into stone using a greenish poison that comes from its body. It used to be human in shape but too much magic and power mutated it into a worm-like thing.
The name of the Creeper that lives in Eldwist, it rids the streets of any living being at night. Pe Ell and Horner Dees use the Maw Grint to turn it into stone. It crashed into a wall afterwards and shattered into millions of fragments.
Wren Ohmsford
A Rover who has pretend Elfstones given to her by her parents, she goes into Grimpen Ward to talk to the Addershag to find out information about the Elves.
Wren's companion and mentor, he protects Wren in Grimpen Ward and goes with her everywhere.
An old and blind seer that is kept captive in the Iron Feather, she tells Wren to build a fire on the shores of the Blue Divide so that one would come for her and tell her of the missing Elves.
Uhl Belk
Also known as the Stone King, he seeks to turn all the world to stone using the Maw Grint and possesses the Black Elfstone. He is master of Eldwist and almost a thing of stone himself. Quickening retrieved the Black Elfstone and turned Eldwist back to normal, save for the dome that he lived in. Uhl Belk lives on still.

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