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In the seven-or-so years I've run this site, a few questions have popped up repeatedly, so I thought I might as well address them here. Whoohoo.

Q: Terry, I'd just like to say that you are the most amazing author ever. May you autograph a book for me?

A: First of all, I'm not Terry Brooks. I wish I were, but... no. Secondly, I doubt that even if I were him, I'd want to give out autographs to people bombarding him with emails like that. Thanks for the compliment, though?

Q: Well, if you're not TB, then who are you?

A: Minnie. A sophomore at Cornell University. I have next to no life and really, really love Shannara. Hence the site. :D

Q: You must at least KNOW TB then! Will you ask him to autograph a book for me?

A: Actually, no, I don't. Unlike The Wondrous Worlds of Terry Brooks, this is not an official site and thus I don't communicate with Terry on a regular basis. In fact, I don't communicate with him at all - he probably doesn't even know this place exists. I've only met him once in Sterling, Virginia, on October 2, 2002, where I got two books autographed by him. And that, unfortunately, is it.

Q: I love your timelines and character lists and everything else. I have a website too, so may I take your stuff and put it on my site?

A: Short answer: NO. Long answer: well, I see this site as sort of the Shannara version of the Harry Potter Lexicon, so uhh I claim the same stuff as the folks over there. Basically, I'm flattered that you love all the info here enough to want to use it somewhere else and I understand that if you're a Shannara fan with a website, you'd love to have all this info here too, but dude, I'm the one who put in the time and effort into creating this site. Thus, I'm the only one who has the right to use my work. If you want to provide a comprehensive character list for First King on your site, then just link directly to my First King page. The only non-Shannara-Files webpage that I've allowed to have content from this site is the Shannara timeline on Wikipedia, and that's only because someone already put it up there and I'd have felt bad if I just took it all off. All of the original content belongs to me, and thus, no one else may use it without permission.

Q: Can I link to your site?

A: Of course. :) I'd love for this place to have more visitors.

Q: Want to be affiliates?

A: Sure thing. Just contact me to ask.

Q: You seem to be missing information from so-and-so book here...

A: If that so-and-so book is anything from Word and Void or The Genesis of Shannara, well, that's because I'm lazy and haven't gotten around to it yet. XP If that so-and-so book is something else on the site and the "missing information" refers to, say, a character fron Elfstones, then whoa there, contact me and tell me about it - as far as I know, all of the character lists and book cover stuff are complete unless it says so otherwise on the page, so if I AM missing something, I'd like to know. Thanks!

Q: May I use one of your LJ icons, wallpapers, or Winamp skins?

A: Certainly, that's why they're there. :D In the case of LJ icons, I'd prefer if you credited me somewhere (for instance just say "Shannara Files" or have the URL to this place in the keywords/comments). As for the other stuff, well, I dunno how you'd credit me but please don't redistribute them, claim them as your own, all that good stuff. I mean, I know they suck but they're still mine, so meh. If someone asks where you got them, point them here.

Q: What happened to your fanart and fanfiction?

A: Oh, I got ashamed of them and took them off. :P See, my fanart is really terrible, but it was even more terrible a few years ago, and I luckily realized after a while that it was an eyesore to look at. If you want to see just how bad it is, my username is Einmonim on DeviantART if you're interested in stuff. As for fanfiction, it's still at FF.N (username Einmonim) but again, that's terrible too and I haven't updated anything for years and probably won't any time in the near or far future.

Q: How'd you get hosted?

A: I found a great host who was willing to take me in. :D Basically just hunt around for people interested in whatever your site is about who have their own domain... then look around and find out if they're taking hostees. If they are, send them an email and ask to be hosted. And that's it, really.

Q: Triss is freaking HOT.

A: I freaking agree.

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