The Heritage of Shannara

The Scions of Shannara

The Scions of Shannara

Three hundred years have passed since the death of Allanon, and the Four Lands are sadly changed. The Elves have vanished, and the Dwarves are enslaved. The Southland is now under the totalitarian rule of the Federation, and magic is strictly forbidden.

Yet Par Ohmsford still has some power of the Wishsong. While his brother Coll recites the old legends, Par uses his Wishsong to bring them to life. Then a mythic horror known as a Shadowen confronts them. A man calling himself Cogline drives it off, but also brings a message from the ancient Druid, Allanon - to go to the dread Hadeshorn, along with the other Scions of Shannara: Wren, who lives in the Westland, and Walker Boh, somewhere in the Eastland.

At the Hadeshorn, Allanon's spirit reveals a terrible future where Shadowen have destroyed all life in the Four Lands. To prevent that, he orders Par to recover the long-lost Sword of Shannara, Wren to discover the vanished Elves, and Walker Boh to bring back the Druids and their ancient vanished stronghold of Paranor.

All those tasks are manifestly impossible!

465 pages (hardcover)
419 pages (paperback)
Thirty-four chapters

© 1990 by Terry Brooks

The Druid of Shannara

The Druid of Shannara

In the three hundred years since the death of the Druid Allanon, the mysterious, evil Shadowen have seized control of the Four Lands. The shade of Allanon summons the four scions of Shannara: Par, Coll, Wren, and Walker Boh. To Walker Boh he gives the duty of restoring the lost Druid's Keep, Paranor. For that, Walker Boh needs the black Elfstone, but his search leads him into a trap.

Quickening, the daughter of the ancient King of the Silver River, finds Walker Boh dying after an attack by the Shadowen Rimmer Dall. She heals Walker Boh and tells him that the Elfstone is in the hands of the Stone King, who seeks to turn all the world to stone. To secure the Elfstone they must travel through the Charnal Mountains into the perilous, unknown land beyond. And no one knows what horrible monsters the Stone King has set to guard his citadel.

They form a strange company to undertake the quest: Walker Boh, with only one arm and no longer able to summon his magic; Morgan Leah, whose once-magic sword has been broken; Quickening, who must depend on the men for her defense; and Pe Ell, an assassin who plans eventually to kill her.

Thus, the quest for the black Elfstone begins.

423 pages (hardcover)
370 pages (paperback)
Thirty-three chapters

© 1991 by Terry Brooks

The Elf Queen of Shannara

The Elf Queen of Shannara

"Find the Elves and return them to the world of Men!" the shade of the Druid Allanon had ordered Wren.

It was clearly an impossible task. The Elves had been gone from the Westland for more than a hundred years. There was not even a trace of their former city of Arborlon to left to mark their passing. No one in the Westland knew of them - except, finally, the Addershag.

The blind old woman had given instructions to find a place on the coast of the Blue Divide, build a fire, and keep it burning for three days. "One will come for you."

Tiger Ty, the Wing Rider, had come on his giant Roc to carry Wren and her friend Garth to the only clear landing site on the island of Morrowindl, where, he said, he Elves might still exist, somewhere in the demon-haunted jungle.

Now she stood within that jungle, remembering the warning of the Addershag: "Beware, Elf-girl. I see danger ahead for you... and evil beyond imagining." It had proved all too true.

Wren stood with her single weapon of magic, listening as demons evil beyond all imagining gathered for attack. How long could she resist?

And if, by some miracle, she reached the Elves and could convince them to return, how could they possibly retrace her perilous path to reach the one safe place on the coast?

403 pages (hardcover)
359 pages (paperback)
Twenty-four chapters

© 1992 by Terry Brooks

The Talismans of Shannara

The Talismans of Shannara

The descendants of the Elven house of Shannara had all completed their quests. Walker Boh had restored the Druid's Keep with the Black Elfstone. Wren had restored the missing Elves to the Four Lands. And Par had found what was quite possibly the legendary Sword of Shannara.

But their work was not yet done. The Shadowen still swarmed over the Four Lands, poisoning allwith their dark magic. And the leader of the Shadowen, Rimmer Dall, was determined that the scions of Shannara would not share the knowledge that would end the sickness. For Walker, he would dispatch the Four Horsemen. For Wren, he sent an untrue friend. And for Par, he devised the most terrible fate of all.

The charges given by the shade of the Druid Allanon were doomed to faliure - unless the Shannara children could escape the traps being laid for them, and Par could find a way to use... the Sword of Shannara!

453 pages (hardcover)
440 pages (paperback)
Thirty-seven chapters

© 1993 by Terry Brooks

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