The Heritage of Shannara Timeline

The following are timelines for The Heritage of Shannara. The first timeline is in years and concerns events that happen to the characters before and after the actual events of the books (with the events of the book being Year 0), while the second timeline is day-by-day and follows in detail the characters' journeys. You can view the main timeline here. Also, don't take these timelines as 100% canon, as there have been some parts in the book where Brooks was rather vague about the dates, so I had to assume when something happened.

In addition, I do not want to see these timelines popping up anywhere else - whether it be your own personal Shannara site, Wikipedia, or wherever. I spent a very long time going through the books and painstakingly recording each incident and trying to figure out where everything went. Needless to say, if I find these at some other site, I will be angry. (Not to mention I could probably tell fairly easily if someone copied off of mine, since I doubt anyone will be making the same guesses as I did about what happened when Brooks was being vague.) If you want to point people in the direction of this timeline, just link directly to this page. (See the FAQ for more info.) And, of course, these timelines are no substitute for reading the books themselves; they're just detailed outlines. That said, enjoy. XP

Special note concerning the Heritage timeline: as you can see below, there have been several instances where I condensed some of the days for Walker and occasionally Morgan. This is because the events that take place in Druid seem to bring Walker and Morgan about two months ahead of everyone else, which is obviously... not right. I decided to condense their days instead of adding extra days for Par, Coll, Wren, and the others because I felt it would be easier to adjust two timelines than to elongate at least three others - not to mention it would have made the page very, very long. However, I tried my best to condense only things like travel time, so that days on which something important happened were not cut out.

General Timeline

‑2370The Great Wars take place.
‑1370The first Druid Council, led by Galaphile, is established.
‑1220The First War of the Races takes place.
‑870The Second War of the Races takes place.
‑370The War of the Warlock Lord takes place.
‑320The War of the Forbidding takes place.
‑300The Ildatch is destroyed.
‑200The monarchy of Leah is overthrown.
‑100Magic is outlawed in the Four Lands. A new People's Park and Bridge of Sendic are built. The Pit is formed.

The occupation of Culhaven begins and the Dwarves are enslaved. The Elves leave the Westland to prevent the same thing from happening to them.
‑50The Federation takes over Callahorn.
‑30Granny Elise and Auntie Jilt's orphanage is started.
‑24Risse Boh dies after contracting a fatal disease.
‑20Pe Ell and Rimmer Dall meet in Wayford after assassinating the same man. Horner Dees learns of Pe Ell and later decides to leave the Federation after being slated to become a Seeker.

Alleyne Elessedil marries a Wing Rider. Demons appear on Morrowindl; Killeshan is no longer dormant. Splinsterscats are created.
‑17Walker comes to Shady Vale.
‑15Alleyne comes back to Morrowindl with her husband. Both are killed.
‑14Kenner Ohmsford dies.
‑10Horner Dees goes into Eldwist with twelve other men.

The Elves disappear and are unable to be reached by the Wing Riders.
‑9Cogline comes to Walker.
‑8Triss becomes Captain of the Home Guard.
‑6Cogline leaves after Walker refuses to learn magic anymore.
‑5The Urdas find Carisman.

Uhl Belk creates the Maw Grint.
‑2Creatures of old magic come into Darklin Reach. Walker confronts them and they leave.
‑1Damson takes Padishar to meet the Mole.
‑10 monthsMorgan's boat capsizes while Morgan is fishing at Rainbow Lake; he is rescued by Steff.
‑1 monthPar begins to have the dreams.
‑2 weeksPar and Coll arrive at Varfleet.
‑3 daysCogline goes to the Hadeshorn to speak with Allanon, who shows him a vision of the future and asks him to tell the Shannara children that the dreams are real.

The dreams stop coming to Par.
0The events of The Heritage of Shannara take place.

Day-by-Day Timeline

1While Par and Coll are telling stories at the Blue Whisker Ale House that night, Rimmer Dall comes to arrest them. They are saved by Padishar, who gives them his ring and tells them to escape. They do so by finding a skiff and sailing it down the Mermidon.
2Par and Coll pull onto shore at sunrise and sleep. They go on at noon and stop again at sunset and talk. Par tells Coll about his dreams and they sleep. Par dreams of Allanon.
3Par and Coll continue sailing down the Mermidon.
4Par and Coll reach the Rainbow Lake in the late afternoon and make camp. A Shadowen comes and attacks them, but Cogline appears and saves them. He tells Par that the dreams are real and that they must go to the Hadeshorn.
5Par and Coll spend the morning arguing, then make up and set off for Leah. They reach the Rappahalladran by early afternoon. After beaching their skiff, they find Morgan and his hunting lodge, where they tell him about everything that has happened so far.
6Morgan leaves at dawn for the Vale, while Par and Coll spend the day lying about.
7Par and Coll spend the day bathing, hunting, and cleaning.
8Par and Coll spend the day practicing their storytelling.
9Morgan arrives in the late afternoon and tells them that their parents are under "Federation protection". He then persuades them to visit Walker Boh.
10Morgan, Par, and Coll spend the morning preparing for the trip and set off at noon. They reach their hidden skiff that evening and make camp.
11Morgan, Par, and Coll set off. By nightfall, they are still on the lake.
12Morgan, Par, and Coll reach the mouth of the Silver River by that evening. They begin the walk inland for Culhaven. A Shadowen attacks, but Morgan invokes the magic of the Sword of Leah and destroys it. They keep walking.
13Morgan, Par, and Coll reach Culhaven just after dawn. Morgan shows them around, then takes them to the orphanage. They talk, then sleep until evening. Teel comes and takes them to Steff. They tell the Dwarves about everything that has happened so far. Steff agrees to take them to Walker after they promise to use any magic they find to help the Dwarves.
14Morgan, Par, and Coll spend the day helping out at the orphanage while waiting for Steff to get back to them.
15Morgan, Par, and Coll spend the day helping out at the orphanage while waiting for Steff to get back to them.
16Federation soldiers and a Seeker come and take three children away.
17Teel arrives before dawn and takes Morgan, Par, and Coll to Steff. The five of them head north for Darklin Reach and spend the night at the foot of the Wolfsktaag.
18Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel enter the Wolfsktaag at dawn and spend the night camped in a meadow. They talk about Walker and the Free-born. While Par is out collecting deadwood, Teel appears and asks him to show her old Culhaven with the wishsong. He does so and she leaves without another word.
19Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel continue through the Wolfsktaag. Par realizes a Gnawl is following them, but they ignore it and head on. That night, it attacks them. Steff sends it into the trees where something else catches it. They continue for the Pass of Jade, reach it before midnight, and sleep.
20Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel continue for Darklin Reach. They reach the Chard Rush and follow it until nightfall, then sleep.
21Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel continue for Darklin Reach.
22Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel reach Hearthstone in the late afternoon. They find Walker's cottage and eat, then look for him in vain and sleep.
23Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel search the valley for Walker and find nothing.
24Several hours before dawn, Rumor appears to Par, who is keeping watch. The moor cat leads him to Walker, who says that he is not going to the Hadeshorn nor is he listening to the dreams. Later that morning, Par tells the others of his meeting. They split up to look for him again. Par tells Coll that he plans on going to see Allanon; Coll tells him that he'll come as well. They head back for the cottage as it begins to rain, but then Spider Gnomes attack, knock out Coll, take Par, and knock him out too. Coll goes back to tell the others; together, they go out and look for Par until nightfall but find nothing.
25Par wakes up at dawn to find himself hanging from a pole. The Spider Gnomes take him to a cave and chain him up. When night comes, a Shadowen girl appears and tries to merge with him. Par panics and the wishsong acts up. He is taken to a bluff, where he falls into Olden Moor. After wandering around and getting lost, Werebeasts approach him. One pretends to be Coll; Par saves him but is poisoned by his touch. Rumor appears with Walker and rescues him.

Morgan, Coll, Steff, and Teel spend the day searching for Par. Walker reveals himself to Coll and tells him that he's going to find the missing Valeman.
26Walker returns with Par. The six of them set off for Storlock at once.
27The company of six continues for Storlock.
28The company of six reach Storlock. Par is still unconscious.
29The members of the company wait to see if Par will get better.

Wren spends the day playing survival games with Garth.
30The members of the company wait to see if Par will get better.

Wren and Garth wake up to find Cogline there. He speaks to her; she decides to go to the Hadeshorn.
31Par wakes up. He, Coll, and Morgan talk for a while, and then he falls asleep again.
32Walker Boh comes to Par and tells him that he has decided that he will go to the Hadeshorn.
33Par continues to recuperate while Walker prepares for their trip to the Hadeshorn.
34Walker arrives with horses and provisions, and they all set off for the Valley of Shale, reaching it that evening.
35At sunset, Wren, Garth, and Cogline reach the Valley of Shale. They reunite with everyone else and spend their time catching up with each other.
36Everyone wakes up at dawn and spend the day waiting. At midnight, Cogline comes and takes them to the Hadeshorn.
37Cogline tells them about the history of the Shadowen. At dawn, Allanon comes and gives Par, Walker, and Wren their charges, then sinks back into the waters. Walker, angry, leaves immediately. The others talk about the charges. Later that day, Wren and Garth leave as well. Par has a quick nap, then talks to Coll and later the others. They decide to search for the Sword and to find Padishar, who might be able to help.

While Allanon is speaking with Par, Walker, and Wren, Cogline leaves for Paranor. With Allanon's help, he enters the Keep and retrieves a Druid History.
38Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel set out for Varfleet. They find Kiltan Forge and ask Hirehone about the Archer. While there, Federation soldiers come and notice the Dwarves. Teel kills one and they run and hide in a storage room. That night, Hirehone comes and takes them to the Parma Key.
39Hirehone waits until daybreak, then leads the others in. They reach the Jut in the late afternoon and meet Padishar, who finally reveals his identity to Par and Coll and tells them his life story. Par tells him about his charge; Padishar agrees to help.
40Morgan, Par, Coll, Steff, and Teel spend the day wandering around in the caves of the Jut.

Walker arrives at Hearthstone.
41Padishar deals with two men who were caught stealing; one is flogged and the other thrown off the cliff. He then tells Par another version of his live story, although later when Par speaks with Hirehone, he hears yet a third version. Par and the others are then summoned to a meeting, where they talk about going after the Sword.
42Morgan, Par, Coll, Padishar, Ciba Blue, Stasas, and Drutt leave for Tyrsis at dawn and make camp that night south of the Kennon Pass.
43The company continues for Tyrsis and reach it that afternoon. Morgan sees Hirehone there but dismisses the thought. They hide out in a storage house for a while, though later Par and Padishar go to the People's Park. They join up with Damson, who tells them about the Sword. That night, all of them head in. Ciba goes into the Pit and is subverted, while the others are caught by the Federation, having been betrayed. Par uses the wishsong to escape and is found by Damson. They decide to rescue the others immediately.

Cogline arrives at Hearthstone, bringing a Druid History with him and giving it to Walker.
44Shortly before dawn, Par and Damson go in, with the wishsong disguising them as Rimmer Dall and a Seeker. They free the others and escape. Later that day, Rimmer Dall comes to question them, but finds them gone.

[ Condensed three days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]
45Morgan, Par, Coll, Padishar, Stasas, and Drutt hide from the Federation.

Walker decides to read the book and learns of the Black Elfstone.
46Morgan, Par, Coll, Padishar, Stasas, and Drutt hide from the Federation.

Walker thinks about the Elfstone and what it can do.
47Morgan, Par, Coll, Padishar, Stasas, and Drutt hide from the Federation.

Walker decides to try to retrieve the Black Elfstone. He heads for the Grimpond and reaches it at twilight. It shows him three visions and tells him that the Elfstone is located in the Hall of Kings.
48Morgan, Par, Coll, Padishar, Stasas, and Drutt hide from the Federation.

[ Condensed four days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]

Twenty Trolls arrive at the Jut.
49Padishar comes back and tells Par that they're going back into the Pit that night. When evening falls, they head in, dressed up as Federation soldiers. Once inside the Pit, Par's wishsong produces real light and shows the vault containing the Sword, but then Shadowen come and they are forced to flee. Stasas and Drutt are taken. Par and Coll climb out and find Damson while Padishar and Morgan stay and fight. The two of them make it to the Gatehouse but find the door sealed shut by magic. Morgan uses the Sword of Leah on it, which opens the door but breaks the blade. They escape.

Walker leaves Hearthstone for the Hall of Kings.

Wren and Garth realize that something is following them.

The Shadowen pretending to be Teel returns to the Jut after pretending to be Hirehone and kills the night watch.
50Par wakes up in the morning, falls asleep, and wakes up again. Damson comes and tells him and Coll that Padishar and Morgan escaped.

Morgan and Padishar, disguised, escape Tyrsis and head for the Jut.

[ Condensed four days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]
51Par and Coll continue to recuperate.

At dusk, Morgan and Padishar reach the Jut. Axhind proposes an alliance with the Movement. Steff tells Morgan about the strange things that have been happening.

Walker reaches the Hall of Kings at noon. He goes in and bypasses the Sphinxes and Corridor of Winds and eventually reaches the Tomb of the Kings. He locates the pocket containing the Black Elfstone and reaches in, only to be bitten by an Asphinx.

Garth sets out and comes back after trying in vain to find their stalker.
52Par and Coll continue to recuperate.

Morgan attends a meeting with the Trolls. During the meeting, a runner comes and tells them that Hirehone is dead and that the Federation army is coming. Later, Morgan visits Steff and Teel, but they are reluctant to say anything. The army reaches the Jut by nightfall and sets up. Padishar tells Morgan to keep an eye out on things.

[ Condensed six days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]

Wren and Garth come across a coin trader who tells them that the Addershag might know about the missing Elves.
53Damson takes Par and Coll to the Mole, who agrees to take them into the Pit.

A Creeper attacks the Jut. Padishar goes onto a lift and dumps oil on it, causing it to fall but not die. The Free-born begin work on a secret weapon. Steff contracts a fever, and Morgan realizes that Teel is the betrayer.

Walker breaks off his hand, which by now has turned completely to stone, and escapes the Hall of Kings at daybreak. He makes his way to the Hadeshorn and collapses. Allanon approaches him while he is unconscious.
54Par and Coll decide to go back into the Pit. Along with Damson, the Mole takes them into Tyrsis' tunnels.

The Creeper attacks the Jut again. The secret weapon, a giant crossbow, is brought out, but it fails to work against it. Padishar stabs it with a crossbolt, and after several moments of fighting, it finally dies. All the while, Morgan remains indecisive and frozen. After the creeper is killed, Padishar shows Morgan the other exit to the Jut. Morgan sleeps, then wakes up to find Steff telling him that Teel is gone.

Walker remains unconscious at the edge of the Hadeshorn.
55Par, Coll, Damson, and the Mole reach the Pit before dawn. Damson tells Par that Padishar is her father while they wait for the Mole to make sure the coast is clear. When the Mole returns, Par and Coll head in. They find the vault; Par goes in while Coll keeps watch, but he is kidnapped by the Shadowen. Meanwhile, Par, inside, sees Rimmer Dall waiting. The First Seeker tells him that everything Par knows is a lie and that he is a Shadowen. Par gets out with the Sword of Shannara and kills a Shadowen, believing it to be Coll subverted. The wishsong creates a blue shard of magic, which Par uses against the other Shadowen to escape.

Morgan immediately goes to rouse Padishar, and, along with Steff, the three of them go to the second exit, where they find Teel jamming the machinery to the bridge. Padishar and Steff are knocked out; Morgan is left alone to fight her. Teel begins to choke him, but Steff regains consciousness and stops her. Morgan uses the broken Sword of Leah on her and is able to kill her, but before she dies, she kills Steff. Morgan pushes both of their bodies into the abyss and drags an unconscious Padishar back through the tunnels. He collapses midway but is found by Chandos and the Trolls. They escape through a third exit and avoid being captured by the Federation. That afternoon, they split up. The outlaws head for Firerim Reach, Padishar heads for Tyrsis to find Par, Coll, and Damson, and Morgan heads for Culhaven to fulfill his promise to Steff.

Walker remains unconscious at the edge of the Hadeshorn.

Pe Ell is summoned to Southwatch by Rimmer Dall.
56Cogline finds Walker at dawn and takes him to Storlock.

Pe Ell reaches Southwatch and is assigned to kill Quickening.
57Cogline comes to Walker and tells him how he entered lost Paranor.
58Morgan reaches Culhaven in the late afternoon and discovers that Granny Elise and Auntie Jilt have been taken to the workhouses.

[ Condensed six days into one day for Walker and Cogline to make timeline work ]
59Morgan spends half of the day at a tavern learning about the Federation army. Later, at midafternoon, he goes to another tavern and finds a soldier, who he knocks out, stealing his uniform as he does so. He then goes to the workhouses after sunset and frees the two Dwarves; however, some soldiers get suspicious and comes after them. Morgan lures them away from the Dwarves but is caught.

Cogline and Walker talk. Walker apologizes for being so harsh to Cogline.

Wren and Garth reach Grimpen Ward. Wren goes in to see the Addershag, who tells her to go to the Blue Divide and light a signal fire for three days and nights. A few men try to attack her as she leaves, but she avoids them and with Garth heads for the Blue Divide.
60[ Condensed two days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]

Wren and Garth continue for the Blue Divide.
61Walker takes a turn for the worse.

Wren and Garth reach the Blue Divide and head for the Roc caves.
62Quickening comes to Culhaven and restores the Meade Gardens. She collapses from the effort and is taken by Pe Ell to a Dwarf's home.

[ Condensed three days into one day for Walker to make timeline work ]

Wren and Garth continue for the Roc caves.
63Rimmer Dall comes to Coll and tells him what he told Par in the Pit.

Several hours before dawn, Quickening wakes up and asks Pe Ell to free Morgan from the Federation prisons and to come with her on a quest. Pe Ell does so and takes him to Quickening, who asks him if he will come with her as well. He agrees.

Walker's arm is stone almost to the shoulder.

Wren and Garth reach the Roc caves and find a Roc there as well.
64Before dawn, Rimmer Dall comes to Hearthstone and attacks Cogline. Cogline fights back, then picks up the Druid History and is transported with Rumor to lost Paranor. Meanwhile, Walker, whose presence is unknown to Dall, remains in the burning cottage.

Wren and Garth build the signal fire. That night, the Shadowen who had been stalking them attacks. They fight a losing battle against it until Wren discovers the magic of the Elfstones and uses it against the creature, killing it. Once it is dead, they talk for a short while, then keep watch and sleep.
65Quickening finds Walker at dusk and spends the night with him. Morgan and Pe Ell talk.

Wren goes out to make sure that nothing else is stalking them and continues to wait for the signal fire to elicit a response.
66Walker wakes up at dawn. Quickening heals him. That afternoon, she tells the three of them about Uhl Belk and Eldwist. Walker remembers the Grimpond's second vision and tells her about it, but she assures him that he will not bring harm to her.

Wren and Garth continue to wait.
67[ Condensed three days into one day for Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, and Quickening to make timeline work ]

That morning, Tiger Ty comes on Spirit and tells Wren and Garth about the Elves. They tell him that they are looking for them; he reluctantly agrees to take them to Morrowindl. They set out and reach the island at dusk. Tiger Ty warns them of the dangers lurking below, then drops them off at a beach on the south end. He flies off and they make camp.
68Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, and Quickening begin their journey to Eldwist.

Wren and Garth head in.
69After having spent two weeks recuperating in the Mole's lair, Par is finally able to get out of bed.

[ Condensed nineteen days into one day for Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, and Quickening to make timeline work ]

Wren and Garth continue going deeper into the island.
70Pe Ell confronts Quickening but she deflects him with a vague answer.

Wren and Garth continue going deeper into the island. That night, multiple Shadowen come, but Wren scares them away with the magic of the Elfstones.
71Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, and Quickening reach Rampling Steep at dusk. They go to a few ale houses and eventually find Horner Dees, who agrees to take them to Eldwist.

Wren and Garth continue going deeper into the island.
72Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner begin preparing for their trip.

Wren tells Garth about her using the Elfstones two nights ago. At noon, they find Stresa caught in the Wisteron's webbing and free him. He helps them to escape the Wisteron, and, later that night, tells them about the Keel and its magic. They make a bargain - Stresa will help them as long as they take him with them back to the Four Lands.
73Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner set out at sunrise.

Wren contracts a fever and collapses. Garth and Stresa carry her to Blackledge.
74[ Condensed ten days into one day for Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner to make timeline work ]

Wren wakes up that evening at the foot of Blackledge.
75A snowstorm catches up to Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner, and they lose all but one mule.

Wren, Garth, and Stresa begin their climb up Blackledge.
76Damson tells Par that the Jut has fallen.

Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner continue for Eldwist.

Wren, Garth, and Stresa continue their climb up Blackledge, completing it at dusk.
77Par begins exploring the tunnels with Damson.

Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner continue for Eldwist.

Wren, Garth, and Stresa continue for Arborlon. Demons find them and attack, but they hide in a crevice and are not discovered. There, they find a Tree Squeak, who, after they rest and leave again at midday, comes with them. The four of them reach the Rowan, where Wren discovers the Tree Squeak is with them. They cross and reach Arborlon. The Owl finds them, and, after fighting a battle in which Wren must use the Elfstones, takes them to Arborlon, where Wren meets Ellenroh Elessedil and learns about her heritage.
78Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, and Horner reach the Spikes at midday and head in. They are found by Carisman and the Urdas and taken to their village, and later to a hut. Pe Ell loses his temper.

Wren and Garth spend the day in the company of the Owl, who shows them the city. That night, demons breach the Keel and Phaeton is killed, but Ellenroh uses the Ruhk Staff and seals it again. They meet with the High Council, where Wren tells them everything. They decide to leave Morrowindl and select nine people to carry the Loden back. Later, Wren tries to get Gavilan to tell her about the magic, but he refuses.
79Carisman appears after midnight and tells them Quickening has to stay. The others get angry, and he quickly tells them that if they take him with them, he'll get them all out. They agree. Carisman leads them out of their hut through a secret tunnel, and then they all continue north. The Urdas pursue them. Once the company reaches a ledge on the far side of the mountains, Walker uses his magic on the Urdas, scaring them off and preventing them from following. However, a part of the ledge Quickening is standing on breaks off and she falls into the Rabb River. Morgan jumps in after her; the both of them are washed onto an island, where they talk. Morgan tells her he loves her. Several minutes of kissing ensue.

The Elves are told of Ellenroh's decision. The company of nine prepares for the journey back. Ellenroh tells Wren a little about the magic.
80Morgan and Quickening go back to the mainland, where the others find them. They continue north.

At dawn, Ellenroh invokes the magic of the Loden and seals Arborlon within, leaving the nine without. Stresa appears; they have a small argument over his involvement, but it is resolved quickly. They build a raft and cross the Rowen as Killeshan awakens. The current carries them to Eden's Murk, where a serpent attacks, taking Cort with it. Wren almost drowns but is saved by Gavilan; however, Stresa goes down as well. The remaining eight members head into Eden's Murk, where the Owl is killed by a Darter. They make camp after burying his body in quicksand.
81While training with Ulfkingroh, Coll sees Rimmer Dall carrying the Mirrorshroud.

[ Condensed five days into one day for Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, Horner, and Carisman to make timeline work ]

The company of seven continues on, with Garth leading. Ellenroh catches a fever and is severely weakened. They make camp and sleep; later, Wren wakes up, realizes she can use the Elfstones, and does so to find Blackledge.
82Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, Horner, and Carisman spend the day looking around. At night, they stumble across the Creeper, which attacks. They narrowly escape and spend the night in a warren.

At dawn, the company breaks free of Eden's Murk. Ellenroh, realizing that her death is near, gives the Ruhk Staff to Wren and tells her that she will be Queen of the Elves. Later, Gavilan asks Wren to give the Staff to him, but she remains undecided. Stresa comes back.
83Rimmer Dall approaches Coll and tells him about the Mirrorshroud.

Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, Horner, and Carisman continue searching for Uhl Belk. They find a dome in the center of the city but are unable to get in.

Ellenroh dies at dawn and is buried in a sinkhole. Afterwards, Stresa leads the remaining six members to a pass, where they begin their ascent of Blackledge. That night, Eowen comes to Wren and tells her a vision of the seer's death and the truth about the demons.
84[ Condensed three days into one day for Walker, Morgan, Pe Ell, Quickening, Horner, and Carisman to make timeline work ]

The company of six continues the climb at dawn. Eowen tells Wren about a vision of the latter's doom. At midday, they enter tunnels carved into the rock, which they exit at nightfall. They make camp near the rim of Blackledge. Gavilan comes and tries to get Wren to give him the Staff again, but she refuses.
85Walker suggests to the company that they search the tunnels.

The company of six finishes climbing Blackledge and enters the Harrow. They cross a ravine, where the Drakuls take Eowen, but she is not missed until they get out. Wren gives the Staff to Gavilan, then goes in after the seer. She finds the other subverted and is forced to use the Elfstones to kill her and the other Drakuls. After doing so, she wanders around and finds herself lost and unable to escape. The Drakuls almost have her, but then Triss, Garth, and Stresa save her in time. She uses the Elfstones on the demons and the four of them break free. However, upon returning to where they left the others, they discover Dal's body and realize that Gavilan killed him and ran away with the Staff.
86Rimmer Dall approaches Coll again and shows him the magic of the Shroud to prove that it works. Later, Coll sneaks to the room in which it is concealed, takes it, and escapes. He crosses the Mermidon and begins heading for Tyrsis.

At dawn, the company heads down into the tunnels. Near dusk, hundreds of rats appear and head toward them, but Carisman sings a cat song and turns them away.

The remaining three members of the company, along with Stresa, start the hunt for Gavilan at dawn. They reach the In Ju at midday and make camp that night without finding him.
87Damson comes to Par and tells him that Federation soldiers are in the tunnels, looking for them. They escape.

Coll, still wearing the Mirrorshroud, continues for Tyrsis.

The company separates. Pe Ell goes off on his own; Walker, Quickening, and Carisman look for Uhl Belk on the east side of the city; and Morgan and Horner head west. While they are searching, Horner tells Morgan about Pe Ell. Near dusk, they find a park but fall into a trapdoor right above the Maw Grint. Morgan is able to drag both himself and Horner Dees up with the shattered Sword of Leah, avoiding being turned into stone just in time.

Walker, Quickening, and Carisman go to the dome but find nothing. The Urdas come; Carisman goes to them, but he is killed. They leave with his head. Quickening and Walker talk; the latter realizes that he has to become the next Druid.

Pe Ell spends the day sleeping, then at night follows the Rake to its lair.

Garth finds signs of a struggle between Gavilan and the Wisteron's webbing. Stresa leads them to its lair, where they find Gavilan's ruined body suspended from a web with the Ruhk Staff lying on the ground below. While they decide how to reach it without alerting the Wisteron, Faun goes down to retrieve it. She makes it to the bottom, but then Killeshan shakes, waking up the Wisteron. Garth runes down to get both the Staff and Faun as the demon attacks. Wren uses the Elfstones on it as it spits poison at Garth but mises. They try to flee, but it catches up with them again and Wren is forced to use the stones once more. It knocks Triss unconscious and sends Garth flying. Faun launches herself at the Wisteron while Garth recovers and goes back to attacking it; however, it spits poison at him again and this time does not miss. Wren uses the Elfstones for a third time and sinks it in a mud hole, where it finally dies. She then treats Triss' and Garth's wounds, and the three of them, along with Stresa and Faun, continue on, breaking free of the In Ju at dusk. They make camp. Killeshan erupts at midnight.
88Coll, still wearing the Mirrorshroud, continues for Tyrsis. Now completely in its thrall, he decides to travel at night and sleep during the day. He catches a rabbit and eats it raw, then continues on.

Walker and Quickening find Morgan. They tell each other what happened, then head for the dome. Walker uses his magic, causing a door to open. They head in and find Uhl Belk. Quickening tells him that he must give back the Black Elfstone, but he refuses and summons the Maw Grint, which he uses the Stone on, then forces them to leave. They head back to their shelter. Morgan looks around for Horner Dees while Walker and Quickening talk and decide that they're going back for the Elfstone. When Morgan returns, Walker tells him of their decision and of the power of the Black Elfstone.

After finding the Rake's lair, Pe Ell goes to a place near it and sleeps. Later, he finds Horner Dees and asks him to watch his back when he goes back into the Rake's lair. Horner agrees and they head out. The Rake leaves; Pe Ell enters while Horner keeps watch. However, the Rake comes back early and catches Pe Ell, but Horner saves him. They run for safety. Once away from the Rake's reach, Pe Ell tells Horner that he's going to kill it. Horner suggests dropping it down a deep hole.

At dawn, Garth tells Wren about the truth of her parents and her past. He tells her as well that he is turning into a Shadowen and that she must end his life. She does so and runs, collapsing later, where the others catch up with her. They go on and make camp that night, but demons come and attack them. Wren uses the Elfstones on them and is forced to do so for the rest of the night.
89Walker, Morgan, and Quickening go underground and reach the dome from below. Once in, Walker attacks Uhl Belk to make him drop the Black Elfstone, but then Belk uses it on him. Quickening reveals herself to distract the Stone King; as she does so, Morgan uses the Sword of Leah on him, causing him to release his grip on the Stone. Belk, defeated, releases them just as the Maw Grint arrives. They escape. Quickening runs into Pe Ell, who takes her hostage. Walker finds the both of them later and is forced to give the Stone to Pe Ell, who leaves with the girl. However, he is soon found by Morgan; Walker and Horner catch up to them soon after and surrond him. A tremor shakes Eldwist; immediately afterwards, Quickening pushes herself into the Stiehl. Pe Ell realizes belatedly that she had meant for him to kill her all along; terrified, he runs. Morgan, Walker, and Horner run as well, carrying Quickening, while the Maw Grint pursues them. The four of them make it to the cliffs, where Quickening tells Morgan to sheath his sword in the earth. Walker takes her to the edge of the cliff and learns the truth about her and his future, then spins her off the precipice. As she falls, she disintegrates and restores Eldwist and the Sword of Leah. Walker tells Morgan and Horner about Quickening's purpose, and then the three of them leave to find Pe Ell. They find his body in Bone Hollow and determine that he was killed by Quickening's blood. The Koden is nowhere to be seen, having been set free. Walker takes the Black Elfstone and the Stiehl, and the three of them head south.

Pe Ell and Horner Dees head out at dawn. The former opens the door to the Rake's lair and lures it to the park, while the latter acts as bait. The Rake falls into the trapdoor but still manages to get a hold of Horner, though Pe Ell is able to save him. The Maw Grint, furious at being awakened, turns the Rake into stone.

Wren tells Triss and Stresa about what happened to Garth. They continue on as Morrowindl begins to fall apart. By sunset, they reach the edge of the island. Wren uses the Elfstones on the sky, hoping to signal Tiger Ty. More demons come and attack them, knocking out Triss and once again forcing Wren to fight them with the Elfstones. At last, Tiger Ty and Spirit come and scare off the demons. Wren, Triss, Stresa, and Faun are buckled in, and they fly away. Later that night, they land on an island and sleep.
90[ Condensed almost two weeks into one day for Walker, Morgan, and Horner to make timeline work ]

Wren wakes up at dawn and sees Morrowindl burning in the distance. She sleeps again, then wakes up at midday and talks to Tiger Ty for a while. Triss wakes up and they head for the Four Lands. Once they reach the abandoned Wing Hove, they stop and make camp for the night.
91Walker, Morgan, and Horner reach Rampling Steep. Horner stays while Walker and Morgan continue heading south.

Atop Spirit, Wren, Triss, and Tiger Ty continue heading deeper into the Westland, reaching the Carolan at dusk. Wren restores Arborlon and expends the rest of the Loden's magic. Triss calls the Home Guard to him, where they salute her and pledge their loyalty.
92Walker and Morgan reach the Jannison Pass at noon. Walker heads for Paranor and Morgan for Varfleet, following the Dragon's Teeth south.
93Par and Damson move to another safehole.

Morgan reaches the Rabb River by sunset and makes camp there.

Walker continues for Paranor.
94Damson leaves to fulfill her duties as a street magician while Par spends the day being restless and sleeping. He wakes up later in the day and realizes that Damson has not yet returned. Padishar springs the lock and comes for him. At the same time, the Federation arrives, but Damson returns just in time. They make a run for it but lose Damson along the way. Par and Padishar reach the Mole, who takes them into the tunnels to his home and goes off to see if the Federation has her. Alone, Padishar and Par tell each other about everything that has befallen them thus far, then sleep.

Morgan wakes up feeling feverish and dizzy. He rests, then at midday, gets up to look for help. He finds a farmhouse and collapses on the doorstep.

Walker reaches Paranor and spends the night camped there.
95The Mole returns to his home and tells Padishar and Par that Damson is a prisoner. The three of them go to save her and succeed in doing so, although Padishar is caught. Damson and Par are led by the Mole back into the tunnels.

Morgan sleeps and feels delirious.

Walker wakes up at daybreak, uses the Black Elfstone on Paranor, and becomes a wraith. He sees Cogline; the two of them tell each other of the events leading up to the present moment. Walker then reads the Histories to discover what he must do next. He deciphers the hidden meaning in the Grimpond's third vision and goes to use the Black Elfstone on Paranor's watchdog magic. When he does so, he is remade in Allanon's vision. Paranor becomes solid again.
96Par and Damson break free of the tunnels and escape Tyrsis at dawn. They head for Firerim Reach, crossing the Mermidon at noon and sleeping until sunset. When they continue on that night, they find the Federation camped at the Kennon and discover that Paranor has been returned. After circling around the Keep, they make camp and sleep.

Coll finds Par's trail.

[ Condensed fifteen days into one day for Morgan to make timeline work ]

Walker continues to be remade in Allanon's vision.
97Par wakes up. A Shadowen arrives and tries to get the Sword of Shannara from him, activating its magic as it does so and causing Par to realize that the Shadowen is Coll. Coll releases his grip on the Sword after the truth is revealed and runs off. Par decides that he has to go after him, so Damson gives him a Skree half. He sets off right away but is unable to catch up by nightfall and makes camp near the Mermidon.

Morgan leaves the farmhouse and heads for Varfleet.

Walker continues to be remade in Allanon's vision.
98Par wakes up at dawn to find Coll staring at him. Coll then bolts, leaving Par to give chase. He follows the other's tracks for the rest of the day but is still unable to catch up with him by sunset. While thinking about his predicament, he brings out the Skree and looks at it, unaware of Coll's presence. After he falls asleep, Coll comes and takes the Skree.

Morgan reaches Varfleet that afternoon and goes to the Whistledown. After a few attempts, he finally finds and meets Matty Roh, who takes him in. Later that day, the tavern opens; Morgan spends most of the time wandering around and trying to be inconspicuous. The tavern closes at midnight.

Walker's transformation stops. The new Druid and the once-Druid talk.
99Par continues his search at dawn but does not find Coll.

Damson arrives at Firerim Reach.

Once the tavern closes, Morgan and Matty decide to go to Firerim Reach. They pack up and head out. They make camp near the Dragon's Teeth and sunset and talk about their homes, the sleep.

The Four Horsemen arrive at dawn and lay siege to Paranor.
100Par continues his search.

Morgan and Matty set out at dawn. It begins to rain, so they wait it out, then continue and reach Firerim Reach by late afternoon. Chandos confirms that Padishar is a captive. Morgan wakes up Damson and tests her to make sure she is not a Shadowen. Once she proves herself to be human, they tell each other about their journeys. Morgan then comes up with a plan to rescue Padishar and shares it with Damson and Chandos. Later that night, Morgan tells Damson about the Sword of Leah and Quickening.

Walker remains in Paranor without acknowledging the Four Horsemen.
101Par continues his search.

Morgan sees Matty's deformed feet. She gets angry at him for a short while, then asks if she can come on Padishar's rescue mission. He agrees. Later, they hear that the Elves have returned. Morgan, Matty, Damson, Chandos, and the Free-born selected for the mission head for Tyrsis and reach a flat near the Valley of Shale by that evening, where they make camp. There, Matty tells Morgan about how her feet became that way.

Walker remains in Paranor without acknowledging the Four Horsemen.

Wren goes out with Tiger Ty to see the Federation and returns to Arborlon at sunset. Later, they meet with the High Council. After careful deliberation, the council decides to go and meet the approaching army.
102Par continues his search. That afternoon, he discovers that Coll has gone into the Mermidon. Par crosses the river and looks for his brother's trail but cannot find it.

Morgan, Matty, and the others set out at dawn and are almost at Tyrsis by evening. They make camp there and hear that Padishar will be executed the day after tomorrow.

Walker remains in Paranor without acknowledging the Four Horsemen.

Wren and the Elves prepare for war.
103Par finds Coll's trail unexpectedly and follows it. He finds Coll unconscious in a clearing, but then Coll wakes up and attacks him in an attempt to get the Sword of Shannara. Par hits him on the head and gets him to hold the Sword. The magic is activated and reveals the truth about Coll, causing him to remove the Mirrorshroud and returning his humanity. However, at that moment, Rimmer Dall comes with several Shadowen, but the King of the Silver River arrives as well. The latter is able to rescue Coll; he tries to save Par as well but the wishsong prevents this from happening, causing him to be captured by Rimmer Dall and taken to Southwatch. There, Dall talks to him, then leaves. Par sleeps.

Morgan, Matty, and Damson, disguised, enter Tyrsis. Damson goes to leave signs for the Mole and to find out where Padishar is. At noon, she returns and tells them that it seems to be common knowledge that Padishar is locked up in the same place she was. Matty leaves to check it out. When night comes, Damson leaves as well to look for the Mole. Later, Matty comes back and tells Morgan that Padishar is locked up in one of the Gatehouse cells. They fall asleep next to each other.

Walker decides to attempt to escape Paranor.

Wren and the Elves prepare for war.
104At noon, Rimmer Dall comes to talk to Par again, leaves, then comes again at night and offers to help him control the wishsong. Par declines the offer.

Damson wakes Morgan and Matty up and takes them to the Free-born. Morgan tells them his plan and they execute it. Damson masquerades as a widow while the Free-born take over the wagon containing Padishar. They escape but the wagon crashes, forcing them to find their way to the Mole on foot. The Mole leads them in, though Morgan and Matty are separated from the rest while holding off the Federation soldiers. When they are done, they head in and wander around for the rest of the day until they are finally found by Damson and the Mole. They are led out of the tunnels, where they say goodbye to the Mole and decide to go after Par. The three head for the Mermidon and make camp there that night.

At midnight, Walker leaves the Keep through a tunnel and emerges outside. However, the Four Horsemen immediately find him and attack. After several moments of fleeing from them, Walker remembers the location of a hidden trapdoor and escapes through it just in time. He spends the rest of the day trying to figure out how to escape the four Horsemen.

Wren sets out with a vanguard that morning. They camp that night several smiles from the city. Desidio comes with Tib Arne, who tells them that the Free-born army is on its way. Later, Stresa arrives and tells Wren that he will be there when she needs him.
105Morgan, Matty, and Damson head south at dawn. Matty obtains a boat and the three of them sail down the Mermidon.

Walker spends the day trying to figure out how to escape the Four Horsemen.

Wren sends Tib away with two Elven Hunters. She and the vanguard continue heading south.
106Coll heads for Southwatch. That night, slavers catch him, chain him up, and take the Sword of Shannara.

Morgan, Matty, and Damson continue their search for Par at sunrise.

At dawn, while the Four Horsemen are issuing their challenge, Walker, invisible, attacks. During the ensuing battle, Pestilence touches him and he is severely weakened. He is forced to make his way to a hidden door to escape them once again.

By that afternoon, the Elves find themselves within striking distance. Wren proposes a plan of attack.
107Morgan, Matty, and Damson continue their search for Par. That evening, Morgan and Matty talk.

Walker attempts to figure out how to defeat the Four Horsemen.

After midnight, the strike is carried out. Rocs burn the Federation's siege machines while the Home Guard and Elven Hunters attack the edges of the army. They retreat quickly and find that their attack was a complete success and spend the rest of the night north of the Pykon. At dawn, Wren sends messengers to Arborlon and confers with her commanders, then sleeps until midday. A patrol arrives with Tib, who says they were attacked. Wren sends Tiger Ty to find the Free-born. It begins to rain; during this time, both Wren and Triss talk to Tib and decide that he is honest.
108Morgan, Matty, and Damson continue their search for Par. Once they reach Rainbow Lake, Damson discovers that the Skree gives off a reading when pointed north and south. Morgan stays at Southwatch and hides on a bluff, while Matty and Damson continue south.

Walker attempts to figure out how to defeat the Four Horsemen.

The rain continues to fall. Neither army moves.
109Walker sneaks out of Paranor at sunrise, invisible, and waits by one of the walls until midday, when he attacks the Four Horsemen with illusions and Druid fire. He gets War to kill both Famine and Pestilence, then kills War in turn. Death then attacks. Walker is able to incinerate its mount, but the Shadowen itself keeps on coming. Cogline appears and grapples with it, then throws his powder into its face, sending both flying. Walker finishes it off. Cogline tells Walker that he knew the latter would need him, then dies. Walker buries him. That night, he dreams of Allanon, who tells him to find the scions of Shannara.

The rain stops that morning. Wren flies out with Erring Rift to see the Federation army and find eight Creepers coming toward them.
110With Rumor, Walker leaves Paranor and slips past the Federation by midnight.

Wren goes with Erring Rift and Tib Arne to see the Creepers again. While on a bluff, Tib kills Rift and Grayl and knocks Wren unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself gagged. Tib taunts her, then mounts Gloon and flies her to a wagon, which carries her to Southwatch.

Triss and Desidio lead another midnight strike.

At sunset, Tiger Ty finds the Free-born and discovers that not only did they never send Tib, but that there is no army coming.
111At dusk, Damson and Matty catch up with the wagon carrying Coll. They attack the slavers and kill some of them; the others escape after the wagon is set on fire. The two women free Coll, who tells them what happened.

At dawn, Morgan sees a wagon approaching Southwatch and intercepts it, killing all eight Seekers and rescuing Wren. They tell each other about what has befallen them thus far; Wren gets him to promise that he will tell the others that the Shadowen are Elves. He agrees. After she leaves, he spends most of the day trying to avoid the Shadowen that are now tracking him. When night falls, two Shadowen almost find him; however, Walker appears and hides him from them.

After Morgan saves Wren, she takes one of the Shadowen's horses and rides for the Westland. She rests at midday, then wakes up again to see the Shadowen coming after her and runs. However, the Seekers suddenly drop back and she discovers Gloon is coming after her. She uses the Elfstones on it but misses. Tiger Ty, atop Spirit, comes, and battles Tib Arne and Gloon. Tib is knocked off and killed by the Elfstones' magic. Together, Wren and Tiger Ty kill Gloon. They then fly back to the vanguard, where Wren tells Tiger Ty, Triss, and Desidio of her plan to destroy the Creepers.
112Wren, Triss, Tiger Ty, and a few Elven Hunters head for the Matted Brakes.
113The Elves continue for the Matted Brakes.
114The Elves attack the Creepers, then retreat, save for Triss, Wren, and Stresa, who lure the Creepers into the Matted Brakes. After long moments of running, they arrive at a lake with Things, which attack the Creepers. Tiger Ty and Spirit come and fly them out.
115Coll, Matty, and Damson arrive at Southwatch.
116Walker goes into Southwatch as a spirit and finds Rimmer Dall, who is once again trying to persuade Par to let him help. Par is on the verge of accepting when Walker causes a small distraction, preventing it from happening. Rimmer Dall, furious, leaves; Walker returns to Coll, Matty, Damson, and Morgan. He gives protective magic to Matty and Damson, and then the five of them head for Southwatch.

The Elven army attacks the Federation just before dawn. Desidio is injured and carried from battle, to be replaced by Cruenal. Both armies regroup, then continue the battle at dusk. Seekers make their way to Wren and kill Faun and all of the Home Guard there. Wren incinerates them all with the Elfstones. Moments later, the Free-born come and drive off the Federation.
117Walker, Coll, Morgan, Damson, and Matty arrive at Southwatch. Walker goes to Par as a spirit and tells him to use his wishsong to break open the door and to come down. Par does so but loses himself in the magic. He is about to attack them when Damson comes and brings him back; Coll then uses the Sword of Shannara on him. Par realizes that he is indeed a Shadowen but that he has a choice. The six of them go down into Southwatch's cellar and fight the Shadowen keeping watch there. Walker battles Rimmer Dall, but the latter breaks free and tries to enter Par. Walker saves him, allowing Par to use the Sword to find out the truth about the magic trapped there and then to use the wishsong to set it free. Once he does so, Rimmer Dall and the other Shadowen are instantly killed while Southwatch begins to collapse. They escape. During the aftermath, Walker tells them of the importance of all three charges. All of them then sleep, save for Walker, who leaves for Paranor with the Sword.

At dawn, the Federation army regroups and heads for the Elves again with Creepers. However, the magic Par set free comes and destroys the Creepers, along with their Shadowen tenders. The rest of the Federation flees. Afterwards, Wren, Padishar, and the others fly to Southwatch and reunite with the other scions and their friends.

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