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The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

Hunter Predd
One of the three Wing Riders that accompanies Walker Boh from Arborlon to Castledown.
Kael Elessedil
The castaway that Hunter found; he carried a map and a bracelet marking him as an Elessedil; Allardon's older brother.
Hunter Predd's Roc.
An Elven Healer that lives on Bracken Clell; Hunter takes Kael to him.
Allardon Elessedil
The assassinated king of Arborlon; makes an agreement with Walker to help establish a Druid Council.
Grianne Ohmsford
More commonly known as the Ilse Witch, Walker Boh's enemy; she is Bek Rowe's sister and wields the power of the wishsong.
Walker's giant moor cat; occasionally fades and reappears in bits and pieces.
Walker Boh
A Druid who seeks to establish a Druid council; he leads the expedition to Castledown to find the lost magic and the blue Elfstones that were lost. He is the Ilse Witch's greatest enemy.
Redden Alt Mer
A Rover; he is the captain of the Jerle Shannara.
Furl Hawken
Also a Rover, he is the helmsman of the Jerle Shannara. A Mwellret kills him.
Rue Meridian
First mate of the Jerle Shannara; Redden Alt Mer's younger sister.
Blenud Trock
Line sergeant that challenges Rue in a knife-throwing contest and loses twice.
Ebben Bonner
The Elven First Minister.
A shade who was once a Druid; Walker asks him for help.
A mixed breed between Mwellret and man; he raised the Ilse Witch and taught her how to use the wishsong.
Bek Rowe
Grianne's younger brother who also controls the wishsong; he wields the Sword of Shannara. He is the great-great-grandson of Par Ohmsford and Damson Rhee. Bek was brought to the Leahs at age two and was raised by them.
Quentin Leah
The great-great-grandson of Morgan Leah; has possession of the Sword of Leah; Bek's "cousin" and best friend.
Coran Leah
Quentin's father.
Liria Leah
Quentin's mother.
A fortuneteller who arranged the meeting between Redden Alt Mer and Walker Boh.
Spanner Frew
The shipwright and builder of the Jerle Shannara.
King of the Silver River
Living since the time of Faerie, he gave Bek the phoenix stone, which can only be used once.
A Dwarf who helped find Truls Rohk for Bek and Quentin; he goes with them on the journey for the lost books of magic.
Truls Rohk
A shape-shifter who saved Bek from the ruins of his home, he tells Bek that they are linked by magic.
Ryer Ord Star
A seer who follows Walker everywhere; she is the Ilse Witch's spy.
Sen Dunsidan
The Federation Minister of Defense who lent the airship Black Moclips to the Ilse Witch.
Ard Patrinell
Once a Captain of the Home Guard but was demoted when Allardon was assassinated; goes with Walker as the leader of the Elven Hunters.
Kylen Elessedil
The new king of Arborlon.
Ahren Elessedil
Kylen's younger brother next in line for the throne, represents the Elves on the journey to Castledown. Bek lends him the phoenix stone.
Joad Rish
An Elven healer who blunted the poison in Walker's body from Shatterstone.
One of the three Wing Riders that accompanies Walker Boh from Arborlon to Castledown; is murdered by War Shrikes.
Gill's Roc.
Po Kelles
One of the three Wing Rides that accompanies Walker Boh from Arborlon to Castledown.
Po Kelles' Roc.
An Elven Hunter who lands on Shatterstone with Walker.
An Elven Hunter who lands on Shatterstone with Walker; died when the plant grabbed him on appearing.
An Elven Hunter who lands on Shatterstone with Walker; died when he looked up at the Jerle Shannara and got grabbed by the poisonous plants.
Aden Kett
Captain of Black Moclips; in league with the Ilse Witch.
Cree Bega
Captain of the Mwellrets aboard Black Moclips.
An Elven tracker who discovered Castledown, also known as Kreshen; saved Bek and Ryer Ord Star from the ribbons of fire and the metal dogs.

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