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The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

Sen Dunsidan
The Federation Minister of Defense; he becomes the Prime Minister of the Coalition Council after some bargaining with the Morgawr.
A mixed breed between Mwellret and man; while on the island of Mephitic, he is killed by Grianne and Bek Ohmsford and Castledown's spirit after a furious confrontation.
A Federation soldier that was found hanged; there was some speculation as to if he committed suicide, but it was really the Morgawr.
Darish Venn
A captured Borderman in the Freeborn war, he was the first to have his brain sucked out by the Morgawr.
Redden Alt Mer
The Captain of the Jerle Shannara, known also as Big Red, he nearly died while flying Black Moclips into the Federation airships in an attempt to destroy them all.
Spanner Frew
The shipwright and builder of the Jerle Shannara.
Britt Rill
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara.
Jethen Amenades
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara; he went overboard when the ship's port amidships draw gave way.
Po Kelles
A Wing Rider
Po Kelles' Roc.
Grianne Ohmsford
More commonly known as the Ilse Witch, Walker Boh's enemy; she is Bek Ohmsford's sister and wields the power of the wishsong. She is catalystic most of the time due to the magic of the Sword of Shannara, but later she confronts the truth about herself and kills the Morgawr for what he did to her. In the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, she will become the first High Druid.
Walker Boh
The last Druid; he sought to establish a new Druid council, but the wounds Antrax inflicted on him were fatal, and therefore he died. Shortly before his death, he gave Grianne the blood trust and had Truls Rohk carry him to a cave, where he was swept away by the shade of Allanon. He also later became Ryer's "angel of death".
Bek Ohmsford
Grianne's younger brother who also controls the wishsong. He was the one who brought Grianne out of her catalystic state. Rue and he pair up together in the end.
Truls Rohk
A shape-shifter who saved Bek from the ruins of his home. He fought with a caull, which poisoned his human side, and therefore had to enlist the help of other shape-shifters to take that part away. Eventually he became one with them.
Ahren Elessedil
An Elven prince who was captured by the Morgawr, but with the help of Ryer and a single wing, he managed to get away. He also killed Cree Bega.
Ryer Ord Star
A seer who followed Walker everywhere, she was caught by the Morgawr and his fellow Mwellrets, who defiled her. Walker's ghost came later and released her from her misery.
A shade who was once a Druid; he appears in the cave Walker was brought to and carries him to the pool of water, just as the shade of Bremen had done with Allanon himself.
Rue Meridian
First mate of the Jerle Shannara; she is Redden Alt Mer's younger sister and is also known as Little Red. She helped to defeat the Mwellrets on the island of Castledown. Bek and she pair up together in the end.
Hunter Predd
A Wing Rider that in the end of the book found something floating in the waters of the Blue Divide; his Roc's name is Obsidian.
Hunter Predd's Roc.
Quentin Leah
Wielder of the Sword of Leah; he battled the Graak and was almost killed. It was Grianne's magic that later healed him.
A Dwarf who knows the language the Rindge speak; he stays in Parkasia while everyone else that hadn't died leaves.
An Elven Hunter; he was killed by Cree Bega while talking to Ahren.
Obatedequist Parsenon
A sub-chief of the Rindge.
Cree Bega
Captain of the Mwellrets aboard Black Moclips; he was killed by Ahren.
Aden Kett
Captain of Black Moclips, his brain was sucked out by the Morgawr when he tried to defy him.
Kelson Riat
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara.
Jahnon Pakabbon
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara; he went overboard when the airship collided into a cliff. His body was found later by Redden Alt Mer, but the flesh had been eaten away by the Graak.
Rucker Bont
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara; the Graak ate him.
Tian Cross
A Rover aboard the Jerle Shannara; the Graak ate him.
Donell Brae
Black Moclips' pilot, he threw himself over the side of the ship to avoid having his brain sucked out by the Morgawr.
Kylen Elessedil
The King of the Elves; Ahren gave him the Blue Elfstones.

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