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This page is only updated to add more news and acts as an archive, so older items may contain broken links... just so you know. Newest items are at the top.

March 12, 2009: Uh, no actual updates, sorry about that. Anyway, a few of you may have noticed the site was down for a couple of days - that's been fixed now, though (as you can see), so... feel free to browse again? 8D Hooray for speedy customer service.

January 31, 2009: Wow, with this update I officially have more updates than I did for all of 2008. Oops? Anyway, I've finally, finally added the Angel Fire East character list and timeline. The logical next step, I guess, would be bringing the Running with the Demon and A Knight of the Word character lists up to snuff, because they're pretty bare-boned right now. And then... yeah, I should probably get around to Genesis stuff, huh? Content aside, I've also been thinking of maybe making some wallpapers with quotes on them, so if anyone has a particular quote from the books that they like, I'd love to know (along with any other things you might like to see on the site).

January 17, 2009: Holy cannoli, another update?! And this one is fairly major, too... well, not content-wise, but still, I'm proud(?) to present The Shannara Files' new layout! This one takes images from all three Genesis covers and uses hover menus for easier navigation. As far as I know, it should look alright in all browsers except for Internet Explorer 6.0 - the menu appears at the bottom of the page for some reason, and I don't know how to fix it. (And honestly? If you're still using IE 6.0, you should at the very least upgrade to 7.0, or even better - switch to Firefox! Heh.) In addition, there's a new Armageddon's Children-themed wallpaper for 1280x1024 (standard) and 1440x900 (widescreen), so if you're working at a bigger resolution, you can now finally have a Shannara desktop, haha. But yeah, thank the amazingness that was The Gypsy Morph for kicking me into gear. ;D As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

January 10, 2009: Time for your biannual reassurance that this site isn't dead? I know there haven't been any really significant additions for one-and-a-half years... I just haven't found the motivation to do it, blah. However, the dedications page has been updated to include The Gypsy Morph. Exciting, I know.

August 22, 2008: Sigh, and summer is normally the time I go crazy with updates - sorry guys, I just didn't really get into the mood to work on the site this time around. Anyway, nothing important, just a few insignificant things... the Genesis page has finally been updated, and I've also uploaded all the desktops to an external image hosting site, so you don't have to bother with messaging me to get them anymore (I should have done this a lot earlier - sorry you guys had to put up with my slow replies all this time!). There's also a new poll relevant to the current series at hand, so go vote. :D (And six years now! Thanks for visiting and keeping this site alive, everyone. <3)

January 24, 2008: Wow, it's been a while, and I have nothing to show for it - once again I'm just reassuring everyone that this site is not dead. I promise I will get around to the other timelines. Someday. Not today. ;D P.S. I need a new poll question, so if you have any ideas, throw them in my direction. Also, to those of you who are on the mailing list - I haven't sent out anything out for a while now because I haven't had any major updates; so that's why you're not receiving anything from me. :)

September 24, 2007: I don't actually have anything worth saying; I'm just here to let you know this site is still alive (and I've gone longer without updating...). I still eventually plan on doing the Angel Fire East timeline, but I just started college so I'm kind of busy. Also, I haven't read The Elves of Cintra yet. D: Still waiting for it to come in the mail. Finally, I noticed from my pagestats that someone actually got kind of far into the quest but then couldn't progress any further because I made one of the clues unclear... if you're reading this, that first "f" should be lowercase. When I said the first letter should be capitalized, I meant the first letter of the entire clue, not just the color code. Sorry! Hopefully you'll come back and work on it more. (And you can always ask for help.)

August 4, 2007: A quick and minor update: the dedications page now includes those for the Word and Void trilogy and Armageddon's Children.

July 25, 2007: Wow, two days after The Shannara Files' five-year anniversary! Thanks to all of you who have come here for your Shannara fix for the past five years, and here's hoping that you'll be coming back for at least five more. Anyway, today I've added both a character list and timeline for A Knight of the Word, so feel free to check those out. Angel Fire East stuff is next, whoo.

July 13, 2007: Hmm, Friday the thirteenth... unlucky for some, but not for you! :D I'm pleased to say that I have quite a few updates today, the most obvious being the new layout, which is based on The Elves of Cintra cover. In addition, all of the .html extensions have been changed to .php, which means I've had to go through every page that had links and fix them, so if anything's broken, be sure to tell me. And most importantly, I've finally begun to add Word and Void and Genesis stuff, so you can check that out - I've put the covers and blurbs up, and, for Running with the Demon, I've also added a character list and timeline, yay. Oh yeah there's finally a new poll up, so go and vote in that if you'd like. More updates to come soon!

June 16, 2007: Here's another tiny and insignificant update to prove I'm still alive - I've completed the alphabetical lists for all of the Voyage books as well. Anyway, it's summer now (I graduate today, in fact!) so if this year is anything like the past few years, you'll be seeing a lot more updates. Whoohoo! Also, I'm probably going to put a solution for the quest up sometime soon, since people seem to be (understandably) confused by it, har.

April 6, 2007: This isn't really worth announcing an update for, but I will anyway just so people know I'm still alive, heh. Anyway, I finally got around to completing the alphabetical lists for all of the Heritage books (meaning that characters mentioned only in passing are on the lists now). When I work on the site next - whenever that is - I'll update the Voyage character lists too. I also plan on adding stuff from the Word and Void trilogy, yay.

September 3, 2006: Just finished Armageddon's Children (got it yesterday). It was AMAZING. Anyway, to "celebrate" (well not really, haha), the Heritage of Shannara timeline is now up. The Shannara timeline has been updated to contain the Word/Void trilogy as well as the new book. If you want to do the quest, General Tip #4 now has a HUGE tip to get you started, so no excuses there. Do the survey too!

August 8, 2006: Wow, what a massively massive update today! Well not really, just a few small things that aren't worth mentioning. That, plus the Straken blurb and cover are finally up along with the character list! I know, I know, the character list isn't that detailed, but I'll work on it later once I get around to the High Druid timeline, whenever that is. Also, ONE person has successfully completed the quest... can you?! Oh and the survey too. The Heritage timeline is still in the works - I'm three-fourths of the way done.

August 2, 2006: I just realized, The Shannara Files has now been up for over four years. Yay! :D Anyway, I rescanned both the Castaway's map and the Parkasia one, so they are no longer such low quality. Yeah. Do the survey if you haven't yet... and the quest too! (As of today, exactly one person has started it in earnest. I have no idea who that person is, or if he/she bothered to complete it, but whoever you are, you ROCK.) Oh, and who wants to see some BAD FANART?! No one? Oh well, here's a link anyway.

July 20, 2006: Whoohoo the Wishsong timeline is up. Weird, if you compare it with Sword's, it's like, all the main action of Wishsong ends before Sword's even begins. Heh. Again, if you haven't done the survey yet, please do so, and the quest remains untouched. *Cries* The Heritage timeline will come next, but mind, it'll probably take me a very long time since obviously four long books put together makes for an even longer single book. (Plus Walker's ahead of the others by like, two months, which is just weird...)

July 13, 2006: The Sword of Shannara timeline is now up. Also, if you have the time, please fill out this survey? I'd like to know a little more about the people frequenting this site. Har har. Plus, no one's done the quest yet! This makes me sad. :( Come on, as long as you've read the books and know how to right click and go to "View Source", this shouldn't be hard... boo. Anyway, the Wishsong timeline will come next.

June 27, 2006: Well, I'm proud(?) to present the first-ever Shannara Files quest! Go to the quest page for more details... I hope it doesn't turn out to be a complete waste of time. In other news, I'm currently working on a timeline for Sword - it'll prolly take me a while to do, since it's such a long book, but yeah, just so you know, heh.

June 22, 2006: The Shannara Files has a NEW LAYOUT! Yes, that's right, after two years of Wren and Garth/Triss/whoever (I personally think it's Garth even though he has Elf ears yadda yadda shaddup), our favorite Ohmsford-in-denial is now the star (wow that was corny). If you're looking at the site with IE, the sidebar looks terrible, but then again, that's why everyone should use Firefox. ;) It still works fine, though, so it should be okay. Also, desktops are going to be... hmm what's the word? More "restricted" now - go to the desktops page itself for more details (don't worry, it's not a big deal). Also, contacting me has never been easier, since now there's a hawt PHP form you can use - just fill in your name, email address, reason for contact, and message - then press Send and you're done! Whoohoo. Anyway, more content will be coming... eventually. :)

May 28, 2006: Yay, added a new desktop, based off the cover of Scions. Also made the Sword of Shannara desktop, er, shinier, so it's not as crappy? In addition, I set up a mailing list (*points above*), so if you want to join, just type your email addy into the box and off you go! Heh I guess I kinda doubt anyone'll sign up, but still, if you do, you'll be able to know when I update the site and with what... maybe I'll also throw in some interesting things like trivia or quotes or whatever, but we'll see. Woot woot.

May 27, 2006: Surprise! The Elfstones timeline is now up. Tell me if there are any spelling errors or anything - I've spent so long working on this that I've kinda lost my will to read it over again. Heh. Also, some of you have been asking about when Straken stuff will be up - the book cover and blurb should be relatively soon, I suppose when summer begins so I can do some major updates - but the character list won't be coming until mid- to late summer, when I get around to reading the book again (heh since I have to read all the other books first). And the timeline won't be coming for a long, long time. In addition - mailing lists - good or bad idea? Basically if I were to implement one, you'd just add yourself to it and then get an email whenever the site is updated. Since I don't update very often, it might be useful, or it might... not? Haha I dunno, you tell me.

May 21, 2006: Hey, just here to say I actually found my Shannara timeline at Wikipedia - and while it's kinda cool to know that this site is actually well-known and trusted enough to be referenced there or whatever, I really don't want material from here showing up somewhere else, especially without my permission. Thus, I'd prefer it if everything that appeared here stayed here. Selfish? Well, I'm the one who put in the time and effort anyway. If you want to use this info in another site, please just link back here. I've created a FAQ to address some of this stuff in more detail. In other news, I've been working on the Elfstones timeline, but it's a pain - I have a discrepancy of like a week between Wil and Amberle's timeline and Ander and Allanon's timeline, so not sure what to do... and I'm like 90% sure that I've done everything right so far so I guess this was just an oversight of Terry's? Rawr of course, now I'm the one who has to make it work... ;)

May 16, 2006: Wow, an update! Though I'm afraid I don't have much to say... added/removed some links on the Links page (soo exciting I know) and... that's pretty much it. Sorry for the lack of new stuff, but junior year has been pretty hard... hopefully this summer I'll be able to do more stuff (like finally revamp the other character lists and make more timelines AND finally do stuff with Straken). I also plan on adding stuff from the Word and Void trilogy and the soon-to-be (AHH!) Armageddon's Children to the site, since we now know they're linked. Whoo.

September 3, 2005: Oh man, big update today. Firstly, I finally put Tanequil info up, along with its character list, which isn't all that detailed, but oh well. Also added the map of the Forbidding. Also updated a bunch of smaller things, like the Elessedils and Dedications pages. In addition, I fixed some code so that there's no horizontal scrollbar in Mozilla and so the title style appears properly - Mozilla's much better than IE, guys, go for it! Oh yeah, I also finally added a Winamp skin based off Talisman's cover. As usual, drop me a line at my guestbook if you have anything to say. Yay. Straken comes out in three days!

August 9, 2005: So I ate my own words and ended up making a timeline, rather than revamping the character lists. Heh. In any case, I'm 'proud' to present a timeline for First King of Shannara. Also redid the main timeline. Hopefully more timelines and stuff will be coming later, it depends on how motivated I am. We'll see. (And yeah yeah I still know I have to put up Tanequil stuff...)

July 22, 2005: Wow, another long time no update. Anyway, so I'm rereading the Shannara series right now - I'm on Scions, actually, but that's beside the point... and while I was reading, I looked at the character lists and noticed how woefully inadequate they were, so I've taken on the quest of revamping them. I've only redone lists for First King and Sword so far, but it's a start. Tanequil information will be up when I get around to reading the book. I'm also thinking of making a new layout, compiling timeline information for each book, and creating some more downloadable stuff, but for now those things are just floating in the air and I'll be concentrating solely on the character lists. More updates to come soon, I hope.

February 13, 2005: Hey kids, long time no update, right? Right. And this isn't really an update either, I'm just here to tell you this site's not dead yet. Uh... I've most definitely read Tanequil by now, so hopefully by summer when school's over I can have some real updates? Yayish. By the way, sorry to break any of your hearts, but I'm not Terry Brooks, not by a long shot. Wish I was, though, wot?

August 1, 2004: Aha, the new layout is up (finally, eh?). Took down some pages, added a few more... sorta... not really. *Coughs* Hope you like it, I guess; drop me a line in my guestbook if you have anything to say. ^^ Tanequil in less than a month! :O

June 21, 2004: I promise, a new layout for this place will be coming out... someday. >.< Gah, I'm lazy, I know. Anyway... five more LJ icons and a new Winamp skin (for Elf Queen). I also redid the ones for Scions and Druid, because they were pretty crappy, heh. XD But really, why all this downloadable stuff? Because the average Shannara fan who would like to show off his/her Shannaraness on his/her computer but doesn't have a nice program to make stuff can now use the stuff here. :B Yes, I'm retarded... yay.

May 11, 2004: Ack, I would have updated this, like, ten days ago, except the site was down until now. But anyway! Two more LJ icons. Also, I reread Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong, and was able to update the ABC lists for those. Whee. Not to mention a new desktop...!

March 28, 2004: Wow, it's been a REALLY long time since I last updated. Not much to update on, though. >_>;; Haven't had time to add interactive stuff, and there really isn't any Shannara news. Well, actually, there is now, hence the update. XD I added the Tanequil cover here, except I don't know anything about it yet. Whee.

January 10, 2004: Yeah, it's been a month since I said there was going to be a URL change, but meh. It's officially up now at! *Bounces* Actually... if I had given it eight more days, then The Shannara Files would have been hosted at Brinkster for exactly one year. Funky, eh? No? Oh well. XD Anyway, some new stuff, namely LiveJournal icons and Winamp skins. I also removed the Avatars page, because that was kind of annoying me. So... enjoy the ad-freeness! :B

December 7, 2003: Yay. The Shannara Files has gotten hosted, woot! So... watch for a URL change soon!

November 15, 2003: The font Mistral is available for download now, since that's what the site uses and I've noticed that some computers don't have it...

November 1, 2003: Yeah. Happy Halloween, everyone. (I guess it's a bit late for that, but oh well.) Finished up the ABC lists, which means that I can do other stuff now. Although I'm not sure what I can do. Hmm. I might be changing domains soon, since Brinkster has ads now... boo.

October 19, 2003: Wow! It's nearly been a month since the last update. Anyway, just some mediocre updates... a few more ABC lists, and a better Four Lands map... yeah. School's a killer. O_o

September 24, 2003: I haven't had time recently to work on the site, but in the meanwhile, during my free time, I've been trying to understand Javascript... the result is Tic-Tac-Toe! Haha. Enjoy!

August 31, 2003: Okay! I actually got the Jarka Ruus character list done early! So enjoy! XD I'm also going to start putting the character lists in ABC order as well, so that there'll be two for each book - one for order of appearance, the other in alphabetical order as well. And then even LATER when I reread all the books again, I'll add all the missing characters I skipped because they didn't have an actual physical part in the story (like Mirianna Ohmsford). For now I only have both lists for Jarka Ruus - here is the one in ABC order. The other ABC lists coming in the future aren't going to have the missing characters until I reread the books (like I said earlier), and I'll tell you when they get updated. That made no sense at all... oh well! ^^;;

August 30, 2003: Done reading Jarka Ruus. The Jarka Ruus page is a bit different now, although not much (heh), I added another map that pertains to the High Druid trilogy (it goes a little more north and has some more cities), and there's the dedication for Jarka Ruus. Yay! And as for the character list, that'll come... in... a... while... *twitch* The Elessedils and Leaders of the Four Lands pages were updated as well.

August 25, 2003: Durr, haven't updated this in a while. But anyway - JARKA RUUS COMES OUT TOMORROW! Yay! Hehe. Also, I created desktop themes - go to the desktops page for more info. There's also Elfstones art now, a piccy of Amberle Elessedil, to be exact; go here to see. Jarka Ruus Jarka Ruus Jarka Ruus...!

August 4, 2003: Well, I've done it. I've gotten myself a new layout! Like it? Leave a comment in the guestbook. Teehee...

August 1, 2003: I got a new guestbook - please sign! And yes, I did finish that Ard Patrinell fanfic, so enjoy. I'm also thinking about a layout change... whee! Also, I revamped the entire site and gave new names and stuff to the links - when I was a newbie at this (although I still suck) I saved the files using ridiculously long names (such as Book_Covers_Info_Jerle_Shannara.php) for files when I could have been using short ones (such as Voyage.php) but I never got around changing it... till now. Heh. Maybe the site will run faster, maybe it won't, but at least the HTML is cleaned up now. ^^;;

July 15, 2003: Wow. This site's been up for almost a year. That's pseudo-awesome! :p Anyway, I added another banner. Yeah. Also, my e-mail address changed: it's now I really should get an account specifically for this site, but I know I'd never get around to checking it, so ehh. -__-

June 25, 2003: Ehh. There's the advanced quiz now, which I hope is hard, and the Jarka Ruus book covers and dust jacket stuff. And I really hope to finish the Ard Patrinell fanfic sometime soon...

May 3, 2003: Jerle Shannara desktop.

April 17, 2003: Ditto to the sixteenth. >.<

April 16, 2003: And yet another banner. So sue me. ;)

April 14, 2003: Another desktop, this time based off of Elfstones. Heh. Not to mention another banner, this one of Bek and animated. Yay!

April 12, 2003: Made a desktop. Woot! :p

April 6, 2003: Some more Walker avatars and a Bek Ohmsford one were made. Whee.

April 5, 2003: I made avatars. Whoop-de-doo. :p

March 20, 2003: Don't worry, I will continue to add to this site as time permits, so don't be sad! ;) Anyway, I tinkered with the original enter thingy a bit so that the words wouldn't bleed so much into the picture, but it doesn't look like I succeeded too much. -__- Ah well...

February 23, 2003: I've decided to put up an Updates page. Woot. So the link to it from now on will be that word "Updates" (you know, the glowing red word on the main page), and it will be on the menu thing. Okay? I also want to mention the fact that every single thing on this site should work. TELL ME if there are broken links or anything like that!

February 22, 2003: Okay, seriously considering the Updates page. Like you care. But guess what? At long last, I have done the Morgawr Character List! Yes! Finally! Happy now? :p

February 21, 2003: Perhaps I should make an Updates page. Hmm. Anyway, I had a bit of fun in making the Entrance page image a rollover. Heehee. Weird. It doesn't work properly for some reason, but oh well.

February 20, 2003: I made a quiz. Fun.

February 16, 2003: I got linked by The Wondrous Worlds of Terry Brooks! Whoo! :p

February 7, 2003: Another banner added. Red and simple. Also, the Disclaimer/Credits page added.

February 3, 2003: Terry's Dedications page added. One more left! (But alas, it's the Morgawr Character List, which will take me a while to do...) Also, created a new Shannara splash, see above for details.

January 31, 2003: Shannara Timeline, The Ohmsfords, The Leahs, The Elessedils, About the Author, and Contact Me pages added - which means only two more pages left to fix!

January 25, 2003: Leaders of the Four Lands page added. Music option added.

January 21, 2003: Links page added.

January 20, 2003: Banners added in the Link Me section.

January 18, 2003: The Shannara Files has moved to Brinkster!

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