The Wishsong of Shannara Character List

The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

Brin Ohmsford
Wil and Eretria's daughter; she has the magic of the wishsong of reality. She goes into the Maelmord and destroys the Ildatch. Brin is the only person to ever have gotten the better of the Grimpond.
Brin and Jair's mother.
Rone Leah
Brin's protector; he is the first person to wield the magic of the Sword of Leah after Allanon told him to dip the blade of the Sword in the waters of the Hadeshorn.
Jair Ohmsford
Brin's brother; he has the magic of the wishsong of illusion. The King of the Silver River comes to him and gives him the vision crystal and Silver Dust to rid Heaven's Well of the Mord Wraith's poison.
The last Druid and Bremen's son who had vanished for twenty years, he goes with Brin on her quest to destroy the Ildatch. A Jachyra confronted him and both died from each other; before his death, Allanon gave Brin a blood trust.
A bilingual Gnome and a Tracker, he goes with Jair to Heaven's Well and is the only one besides Jair to survive.
A Gnome Sedt who kept Jair captive; a Mord Wraith kills him.
Garet Jax
More commonly known as the "Weapons Master", he goes with Jair to Heaven's Well. Upon reaching the well, he confronted a Jachyra and fought it. He was found dead later while the Jachyra was nowhere to be seen.
A shade who was once a Druid; Allanon asks him for help.
King of the Silver River
Living since the time of Faerie, he appears to Jair and gives him the Silver Dust and the vision crystal. He also took the Elfstones but returned them later after Jair completed his quest.
Elb Foraker
A Dwarf; he goes with Jair; when his head was cut through he stayed behind with Edain to stall the Gnome attack, dying later.
Elder and citizen of Culhaven, he is the First of the Council.
Edain Elessedil
Ander's son and Prince of Arborlon, he goes with Jair. When his leg was shattered he stayed behind with Elb to stall the Gnome attack, dying later.
A Borderman, he goes with Jair. After being poisoned by one of the monsters, he jammed the machinery of the drop-gate so the others could escape safely while he sacrificed himself.
Commander of the Capaal garrison; the Kraken killed him.
A Mwellret that took Jair captive; he fell into a Prock where he died.
A trader and owner of the Rooker Line Trading Center; he helped Brin and Rone.
A woodsman that told Brin and Rone about Cogline.
A crazy once-Druid who studies science, he joins Brin and Rone on their journey to the Maelmord and shows them the way.
Cogline and Kimber's sometimes-disappearing moor cat; he saves Brin three times.
Kimber Boh
Cogline's adopted granddaughter; she joins Brin and Rone on their journey to the Maelmord.
A shade that is trapped in a pond near Hearthstone; Brin asks it for help and gets the better of it.
The living jungle that protects the Ildatch; it was destroyed along with the book.
A book of evil; Brona and the Mord Wraiths drew their power from it and became subverted; Brin Ohmsford destroyed it before becoming subverted herself.
Wil Ohmsford
Brin and Jair's father.

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