The Wishsong of Shannara Timeline

The following are timelines for The Wishsong of Shannara. The first timeline is in years and concerns events that happen to the characters before and after the actual events of the book (with the events of the book being Year 0), while the second timeline is day-by-day and follows in detail the characters' journeys. You can view the main timeline here. Also, don't take these timelines as 100% canon, as there have been some parts in the book where Brooks was rather vague about the dates, so I had to assume when something happened.

In addition, I do not want to see these timelines popping up anywhere else - whether it be your own personal Shannara site, Wikipedia, or wherever. I spent a very long time going through the books and painstakingly recording each incident and trying to figure out where everything went. Needless to say, if I find these at some other site, I will be angry. (Not to mention I could probably tell fairly easily if someone copied off of mine, since I doubt anyone will be making the same guesses as I did about what happened when Brooks was being vague.) If you want to point people in the direction of this timeline, just link directly to this page. (See the FAQ for more info.) And, of course, these timelines are no substitute for reading the books themselves; they're just detailed outlines. That said, enjoy. XP

General Timeline

‑2070The Great Wars take place.
‑1070The first Druid Council, led by Galaphile, is established.
‑920The First War of the Races takes place.
‑570The Second War of the Races takes place.
‑500Capaal is built.
‑70The War of the Warlock Lord takes place.
‑60The Ildatch is found and brought back into the world of Men.
‑20The War of the Forbidding takes place.
‑10Garet Jax is with Elb Foraker as the latter trains Dwarven hunters for a border skirmish along the Wolfsktaag.
‑5Garet Jax trains Legion soldiers in Varfleet. Slanter hears of him for the first time after Jax kills two and breaks two men who try to attack him.
‑3Spider Gnomes come into Darklin Reach, but Cogline and Whisper scare them off.
‑2Jeft and Cogline see each other for the last time.
‑1Cogline "buries" his old self.
‑6 monthsThe border wars between the Dwarves and the Gnomes flare up again.
‑10 daysAllanon arrives at Graymark and attempts to retrieve the Ildatch, but the Maelmord prevents him from doing so.
0The events of The Wishsong of Shannara take place.

Day-by-Day Timeline

1Wil and Eretria leave for their annual fall healing pilgrimage, although before doing so, Eretria makes Brin promise that she will not use the magic. That night, Allanon comes and tells Brin, Jair, and Rone about the Ildatch and the Mord Wraiths and asks Brin to come with him to destroy it. After some deliberation, Brin agrees.
2Brin, Rone, and Allanon leave for the Anar. Jair moves to the inn.
3Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Anar.

Jair spends the morning working on repairs. That evening, he sees a Gnome, who asks about Allanon. Jair uses the magic on him and locks him in a wood bin, then sneaks into his house. He retrieves the Elfstones without being detected by the Mord Wraith that is there and flees for Leah.
4Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Anar.

Jair reaches the Rappahalladran at dawn and falls asleep. He wakes up at sunset, crosses the river, and continues on.
5Brin, Rone, and Allanon camp at the Rainbow Lake that night. Allanon leaves and Brin and Rone talk.

Jair reaches Rone's hunting lodge at midday after walking all night. He sleeps. That night, a noise wakes him up. It turns out to be a Gnome, who knocks him out. Later, when Jair regains consciousness, he finds himself trussed up. He and Slanter talk about tracking as well as some other things.
6Allanon returns and tells Brin and Rone that they must go to the Hadeshorn. He shows Brin how to use the magic of the wishsong to force two entwined trees to break apart; the trees shatter, being unable to resist. They head for the Valley of Shale.

Spilk and the other Gnomes arrive. They question Jair and tell him to use his magic; he does so and angers Spilk, who decides to take him to the Anar and the Mord Wraith waiting there. They head out, reach the Rainbow Lake that evening, and make camp there.
7Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Valley of Shale.

Jair and the Gnomes continue for the Anar and camp in the Black Oaks that night. Jair discovers he still has the Elfstones.

Paranor falls to the Mord Wraiths.
8Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Valley of Shale.

Jair and the Gnomes reach a clearing with a pond late in the day. Garet Jax frees Jair from the Gnomes and kills all of them except for Slanter, Spilk, and another one who is able to escape. Jax decides to take Jair with him to Culhaven; Jair persuades Slanter to come as well. They head off. The Mord Wraith comes to Spilk, who tells it everything before it kills him.
9Brin, Rone, and Allanon reach the Valley of Shale before daybreak. Allanon speaks to the shade of Bremen and learns that Paranor has fallen to the Mord Wraiths. The Sword of Leah is dipped into the waters of the Hadeshorn, making Rone Brin's protector more so than before. A Mord Wraith comes and attacks Allanon, but Rone calls upon the newly-formed magic of the Sword of Leah and destroys it. They head for Paranor.

Garet Jax, Jair, and Slanter reach the Mist Marsh. A Log Dweller attacks them but Garet Jax dispatches it easily. By midmorning, they are free of the Black Oaks. They rest, then go on, then rest again at midnight.
10Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for Paranor.

Garet Jax, Jair, and Slanter continue heading north to avoid the Battlemound and reach the Silver River by late afternoon. They follow it east for a while, then make camp for the night. Slanter goes off to look for firewood and does not return. Jair tries to talk to Garet Jax. They sleep. Garet dreams about a creature of fire, while Jair dreams about something unpleasant. The latter wakes up and the King of the Silver River approaches him. He takes the Elfstones from him but gives him Silver Dust, a vision crystal, and strength to those who journey with him, telling him that he must go to Heaven's Well, purify the water again, and save Brin before she is lost.
11Brin, Rone, and Allanon enter Paranor that evening. Allanon peruses a Druid History and calls upon the Keep's magic to close Paranor away. They flee the castle.

Slanter comes back. Jair tells both Slanter and Jax about the King of the Silver River and tries out the vision crystal. They continue to head for the Anar and reach Culhaven by late afternoon. Elb Foraker comes to meet them; he and Jax go off to request permission to meet with the Council. Jair and Slanter argue with each other. That evening, they meet with the Dwarven Council of Elders, where Jair tells them about everything that has happened so far. Six people are chosen to go to Heaven's Well.
12Brin, Rone, and Allanon walk the horses clear of the valley by dawn and watch Paranor disappear. They spend that night on the Rabb Plains.

The six members of the company chosen to go to the Well head out. They camp near the Silver River that evening. Slanter gets angry at Jair but Helt tells him that the Gnome is that way because he cares about the Valeman.
13Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Anar.

The company continues for Heaven's Well at dawn, with Jair spending most of his day with Edain Elessedil. They make camp that evening near the Silver River again. That night, Garet tells Jair of his dream with the Jachyra, believing that that battle is the one he has trained for all his life.
14Brin, Rone, and Allanon reach Storlock that evening. Allanon tells them about Bremen and that the age passes, and he must go with it.

Jair uses the vision crystal and determines that Brin, Rone, and Allanon are coming out of the Dragon's Teeth. They continue for Heaven's Well.
15Brin, Rone, and Allanon continue for the Anar. The reach the Pass of Jade by midday and are deep within the Wolfsktaag by that evening, where they make camp.

Jair and the others reach the Wedge that afternoon. They wait until night, then sneak onto the bridge, fight the Gnomes there, and collapse it, then head for Capaal.
16Brin, Rone, and Jair continue at dawn. They reach the Chard Rush that afternoon. A Jachyra reveals itself and does battle with Allanon. Rone intervenes but is knocked out and poisoned; the Sword of Leah is thrown into the river. Allanon manages to kill the Jachyra, but the wounds he receives are fatal. In his dying moments, he gives Brin a blood trust and summons Bremen, who takes him into the waters. Brin brings Rone, who is still unconscious, to the Rooker Line Trading Center, where Stebb gives her a tonic to help the Highlander. That evening, five men attack her but she fights back with the wishsong, almost killing them.

The company reaches Capaal and realizes that a battle is going on. That night, Helt uses an arrow to tell the Dwarves about the collapsed bridge, then attempt to leave. However, the way is blocked by a second Gnome army, which notices them. Jair and Garet Jax jump into the Cillidellan, Elb and Edain go through a secret tunnel, and Helt and Slanter pretend to be a Mord Wraith and servant Gnome, respectively. They all make it to Capaal.
17Brin, still awake though it is past midnight, uses the wishsong on Rone and gets rid of the Jachyra's poison. Rone's fever is gone by morning and they spend the day talking. That evening, Brin approaches Stebb about finding a way to Graymark. He tells her about Jeft.

Jair wakes up that afternoon and talks to Slanter, who is stuck with having to look after him. They leave and find Edain, then later Elb as well, who gives Jair back his magics. They then go to see a Mwellret captured by the Dwarves. It makes Jair sing and they quickly leave it alone. Later, Jair talks a little with Elb about Garet Jax.
18Brin and Rone leave and head for Jeft's cabin, which they reach later that morning. Jeft tells them about Hearthstone and Cogline. Brin and Rone decide to go to Darklin Reach to find him.

That morning, the company learns that Stythys has escaped. Several Mord Wraiths approach the Cillidellan and summon a Kraken, which attacks the Dwarves and kills Radhomm. Garet Jax fights and is pulled down with it back into the lake. Slanter and Jair make an escape as the fortress begins to collapse, but Stythys catches Jair and takes him hostage. Jair is marched north. He contracts a fever, but Stythys gives him medicine and he recovers.
19[ Extra day added for Brin and Rone to make timeline work ]

Stythys and Jair continue their march. That night, Stythys tells Jair that they are going to Dun Fee Aran. He also tells him about the Mord Wraiths and the Gnomes and says that Jair must give him the magic.
20Brin and Rone continue for Darklin Reach.

Stythys and Jair pass into the High Bens at midday and reach Dun Fee Aran that night. Jair is locked up. He uses the vision crystal.
21Brin and Rone reach Hearthstone that afternoon and see Cogline wandering around looking for Whisper. Kimber Boh comes and tells them who they are and that they are welcome to stay. Later that night, Brin tells Cogline and Kimber about everything that has happened to them so far. Kimber suggests they go to the Grimpond.

Jair is still locked up.
22Brin, Rone, Cogline, Kimber, and Whisper go to the place where the Grimpond is. Brin approaches it and tricks it into telling her the truth of how to approach Graymark - via the sewers - and also that the Sword of Leah is in the hands of the Spider Gnomes. The Grimpond, furious at the deception, shows her a vision of Jair. That night, Brin tells the others of the Grimpond's words. They decide to all go to the Spider Gnomes to retrieve the Sword and then to go to the Maelmord.

Jair uses the vision crystal to find out where Brin is but Stythys notices. As the Mwellret approaches him, Slanter and Garet Jax come and save him. With the others, they take Stythys captive and escape Dun Fee Aran.
23Brin, Rone, Cogline, Kimber, and Whisper leave Hearthstone at dawn and reach Olden Moor and Toffer Ridge that evening. They send Whisper to track, then hide and wait.

Jair and the others continue marching through the Ravenshorn.
24Past midnight, Whisper returns and leads them to the Sword. Rone retrieves it. While they make their escape, Brin gets lost in the Moor. Werebeasts attack her, but the others come to her rescue just in time. They break free of the moor at dawn, when they rest. That evening, they continue on, then rest again at midnight.

While the company is taking a break, Stythys tells them that they can approach Graymark via the Caves of Night. The others reluctantly agree to the idea and begin heading there that evening.
25Cogline tells Brin and Rone about his magic as they head for Graymark. At dawn, they reach the sewers and enter. They wander around for a while, then encounter a fork, where Brin creates an image of herself to accompany the others in the wrong direction while she heads into the Maelmord alone. She crosses a bridge and collapses it so that the others cannot reach her. Rone, Kimber, and Cogline realize that Brin has disappeared and go back to the fork. Kimber sends Whisper to look for her. He finds Brin, who sends him bank. However, a Muten appears. Whisper fights it and is still fighting it when a second one appears. More fighting ensues; Whisper almost loses but eventually both are destroyed. They keep going. Brin tells Whisper to guard the path, then steps onto the Croagh and goes down. She uses her wishsong to gain entry into the Maelmord. When she is deep within the swamp, she finds a clearing and a tower and goes into it. There, she finds the Ildatch and picks it up. It begins its subversion of her. However, Jair comes and saves her, and she is able to destroy the Ildatch at last. The Maelmord begins to collapse and she escapes. Whisper finds her and takes her to the others.

The company reaches the Caves of Night at dawn. Garet Jax ties Stythys to him, and they go in. The Mwellret calls upon the Fire Wake for light. A few caverns in, Stythys scatters the Wake into their eyes and takes Jair hostage once again. Garet and Slanter save him and fight the Mwellret, who falls into a Prock and dies. With the Fire Wake gone, they decide to use Jair's vision crystal for light and escape the Caves by that afternoon. Once free, they make a pledge to see the Valeman safely to Heaven's Well no matter what. They then enter Graymark. A sentinel attacks Helt and poisons him, but they continue on. Later, they run into a gate. Helt, dying, stays behind to secure it while the others go on. They encounter several Gnomes. Elb and Edain are severely injured, and, knowing that they are going to die, stay to hold off the other Gnomes. Slanter, Garet Jax, and Jair step onto the Croagh and head up. At the top, they see a Jachyra, which Garet Jax confronts. Slanter and Jair continue for the Well. Once they reach it, Jair throws the Silver Dust and the vision crystal into it and is shown a vision of Brin. He uses his one wish to go to where she is. Finding her subverted, he tries several illusions to get her to release her hold on the book, but none work. He realizes he has to actually approach her and does so. Brin realizes what has happened to her and finally destroys the Ildatch. When she does so, Jair is pulled back to Heaven's Well. With Slanter, he heads back down, where he finds Garet dead. They continue, unable to bring his body while the building is collapsing, and find their way to the others.

Rone, Kimber, and Cogline find their way to the Croagh and see Whisper fighting several Mutens at once. The others join in the fray and defeat them all. Rone then tries to get past Whisper to reach Brin, but the moor cat won't let him. Mord Wraiths appear and fight them, but they are destroyed with the Ildatch. Brin comes back with Whisper; shortly after, Jair and Slanter find them as well. They retrieve the bodies of Elb, Edain, and Helt, and bury them, then leave and spend that night in the Ravenshorn.
26They head for the Chard Rush.
27They continue for the Chard Rush.
28They continue for the Chard Rush.
29They continue for the Chard Rush.
30They continue for the Chard Rush.
31They continue for the Chard Rush.
32They reach the Chard Rush and camp there for the night.
33That morning, Allanon appears out of the waters and speaks with Brin. He tells her briefly about the end of the age and the trust he bestowed on her, then goes back. The others say their goodbyes.
34Brin, Jair, and Rone head for Shady Vale.
35Brin, Jair, and Rone continue for Shady Vale.
36Brin, Jair, and Rone continue for Shady Vale.
37Brin, Jair, and Rone continue for Shady Vale.
38Brin, Jair, and Rone continue for Shady Vale.
39Brin, Jair, and Rone continue for Shady Vale.

Wil and Eretria arrive home that evening.
40Brin, Jair, and Rone reach the Vale in the late afternoon. Jair finds the Elfstones returned to their hiding place, and, with Brin and Rone, tell Wil and Eretria what happened to them.

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