The Shannara Files
The Shannara Files
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The Ohmsfords and their Ancestors

Jerle Shannara = Preia Starle

Curzad Ohmsford
Flick Ohmsford
Shea Ohmsford

Wil Ohmsford = Eretria

Brin Ohmsford = Rone Leah
Jair Ohmsford

Jaralan Ohmsford = Mirianna
Coll Ohmsford
Par Ohmsford = Damson Rhee
Kenner Ohmsford = Risse Boh
Walker Boh

Araden Ohmsford = Biornlief
Grianne Ohmsford
Bek Ohmsford = Rue Meridian

Pen Ohmsford = Cinnaminson

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