The Shannara Files
The Shannara Files
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The Shannara Files Quest

Welcome to the first-ever (and probably last-ever) Shannara Files quest! This is basically a poorly-made scavenger hunt thing which will require you to 1) have read all of the Shannara books (yes, from First King to Straken) and 2) to have a decent idea of the kind of material featured on this site (character lists, Tic-Tac-Toe, etc.). Viewing source and manipulating URLs will be needed (though don't worry, I pretty much walk you through it...). It's really here just to test your Shannara knowledge in a somewhat interactive way. 8)

So I haven't scared you away yet? Well, then, click on the button below to begin being bored out of your minds having fun!

General Tips (be SURE to look at #4 if you're just starting out!)

1. View source. Yes, I have said this already, but it's very important. :P In addition, the clue may not necessarily be at the top of the page, so scroll down to make sure you see everything.
2. Keep track of what you're doing. I'll be backtracking a lot to make sure that you're doing this in the correct order and not just viewing the source of any page you see in the hopes that you might find something.
3. Know which code you're at. I will tell you when you have found the first code, but from there, you'll have to keep track yourself (meaning, I'll tell you that you've found a code, but I won't tell you if it's your second or third or whatever). If you follow this thing from beginning to end, this shouldn't be a problem. But yeah. Also, there aren't that many codes anyway, so this shouldn't be too difficult.
4. Use your logic. Here's an example: let's say one Shannara heir or another appears in front of you and says, "Oh my GAWD some evil guy is killing everyone descended from Jerle Shannara and the only reason he hasn't killed me yet is because I'm a halfling!" Well, think about it - when did this kind of thing take place during the books? Oh right! That happened in Sword. That should tell you to go to the Sword page (with the book cover and blurb) and to right-click to look for the clue.
5. When I say "Go back to the main quest page", I mean this page - Quest.php.
6. Capitalization does matter. I'd actually prefer that it didn't, but PHP seems to be picky like that, so yeah. Where necessary, I will try to tell you when things need to be capitalized and where - if I don't, perhaps you should pay some attention to find out.
7. If you're actually doing this and you find yourself stuck and needing help, you can, for now, reach me at the contact page. Just tell me where you are and what you need help with and I'll try pointing you in the right direction. After a few people have successfully solved this (and verified it too), I will put up a solutions page which you will be able to consult.
8. This WILL be lame. Also disorganized. I'm only just beginning to learn PHP, so yeah - deal. Not that I have to worry, 'cause no one's doing this, right? :D (Don't expect this whole thing to be completely serious, either. Just so you know.)

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