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The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

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John Ross
A 53-year-old man regarded by the Lady to be one of the most important Knights of the Word, he was sent to Oregon to locate and capture a rare gypsy morph after dreaming of a crucified Knight telling him about it. From the details of the dream, he was able to locate the place where the morph would form. Afterward, he responded to a summons from the Lady and went to Wales, where she told him his service would be over after the morph had changed into its final form and gave him a net with which to capture it. He then returned to Oregon and waited until the day the morph appeared, using the net to catch it and escaping the demons nearby who immediately gave chase. Two weeks later, while he was in Salt Lake City, he encountered Findo Gask and several of his thugs, although he was able to kill most of them and make his escape with the morph still in tow. Shortly afterward, the morph changed into a little boy and said "Nest" three times, prompting Ross to go to her. He arrived at her home three days later and told her what had happened to him; she agreed to help. While attempting to unlock the secret of the morph, he met up with Josie a few times and shared a night with her after having dinner together. After the children were kidnapped by the demons, he and Nest went to Gask's residence and struck preemptively, with Nest going in to find the children while Ross served as a distraction. Though he was able to defeat both Penny and Twitch, he was mortally wounded by Penny's knives, which were coated with demon poison. Just barely alive, he decided to attempt to make his way to Josie's so that he could recover there and start a new life with her, but found himself at Rock River instead, where the Lady appeared to him, freeing him from his service and taking him with her into the ether, leaving his staff behind. His name appeared in Findo Gask's Book of Names afterward.
Nest Freemark
A 29-year-old woman who possessed the Freemark magic, she was widely acclaimed as the greatest American long-distance runner of all time, participating in the Olympics three years earlier and winning two gold medals, along with setting two world records and eight world titles. Bennett Scott appeared on her doorstep shortly before Christmas with Harper in tow, knowing that Nest would help her out; John Ross did the same thing with the gypsy morph. She helped both to the best of her abilities, providing food and shelter for the Scotts while trying to help Ross find the final form of the gypsy morph. When the children were kidnapped, Nest sent Wraith out into the park to locate Pick so that he could help out, but in doing so, somehow caused them to separate, which turned out to be a result of the gypsy morph's presence, and as a result, she and Ross arrived at the demon residence with only her innate magic and no Wraith. While there, she was able to sneak into the house and retrieve the children until the ur'droch noticed and attacked her, but her need summoned Wraith, who was able to ultimately destroy the demon with her help. She then assured Little John that Wraith would not be coming back, at which point he adopted his final form - that of her unborn child. In the aftermath, she met up with Findo Gask and successfully lied to him, telling him that the gypsy morph had self-destructed, then took Harper home with her.
Findo Gask
A centuries-old demon and one of the Void's favorites, he was assigned by the Void to hunt down and destroy John Ross and to bring it the morph. In compliance with its orders, he tracked the gypsy morph to Salt Lake City, where he and five thugs went after Ross. However, Ross was able to dispatch most of them, so Gask decided to wait him out in Hopewell, where he made an appearance to Nest and introduced himself as Special Agent George Robinson to Larry in order to use him as he anticipated Ross' arrival. After Ross arrived, Gask continued to use Larry as a tool for interfering with Nest's life and slowly used Penny to wear down Bennett. Not realizing that Little John was the gypsy morph, he also tried to kill Robert, Nest, Harper, and Little John when they were tobogganing (which led to the death of Ray Childress instead) and later had the ur'droch kidnap Harper and Little John in exchange for the morph. Because Nest obviously didn't have the morph to trade, she and Ross attacked the demons, including Gask, preemptively. While all of the other demons were killed and Ross mortally injured in the ensuing struggle, Gask was able to walk away, relatively unharmed. He met up with Nest again afterward, at which point he discovered that he'd had the gypsy morph with him all along, but was able to take consolation from the fact that John Ross appeared in his Book of Names once everything had come to pass.
Josie Jackson
A 48-year-old woman who ran a coffee shop and shared a night with John Ross fifteen years ago, she remained one of Nest's friends over the years. She talked to John Ross a handful of times after he arrived at the Freemark residence and ate dinner with him, sleeping with him once more afterward, though he left in the middle of the night. She called him the next day and told her she loved him, then hung up before he could respond.
Blanche Stern
One of the older women at the church discussing the news the day Nest was there.
Addie Hull
One of the older women at the church discussing the news the day Nest was there.
Winnie Ricedorf
One of the older women at the church discussing the news the day Nest was there.
Larry Spence
A deputy sheriff in his mid-thirties and divorced father of two, he spent a lot of time attempting to woo Nest. Gask used this to his advantage and had him constantly show up on Nest's doorstep to keep an eye on John Ross, which quickly got on Nest's nerves, particularly when he insinuated that Ross was either involved in drugs or that she and Ross had been together. After Bennett's death, he came over to ask Nest and Ross some questions about it, opening one of the windows in her house when he did so that the ur'droch could come in and kidnap the children. Later, concerned about his actions and the children, he went to Gask and confronted him, telling him that the FBI knew nothing about a George Robinson. Gask proceeded to paralyze him with his magic, at which point Larry finally realized the truth, though it was far too late by then. During the final confrontation with John Ross, Larry was found to still be alive, but with his eyes gouged out. He was later killed by Penny.
Robert Heppler
One of Nest's long-standing childhood friends, he worked with computers and frequently spent time with Nest, though he occasionally provoked her ire by being quick to judge John Ross and Bennett Scott. He invited Nest and the others to go tobogganing and was almost a victim of Gask's ice trick.
Kyle Heppler
Robert and Amy's two-year-old son, he really hit it off with Harper when they went tobogganing together.
Penny Dreadful
A violent and hyper red-haired demon who took her name from the dime-store crime novels of the past and enjoyed terrorizing people. She was mostly used to tempt Bennett into using again, failing several times at the beginning but eventually successfully wearing away at her, culminating in leading her to the cliffs and having her fall off. During the final battle, she was able to mortally wound John Ross by stabbing him with her blades, which were coated with demon magic, although he was able to destroy her before he himself died.
Billy Spence
Larry's son. When Gask and Penny arrived at the Spence residence pretending to be FBI agents, Penny terrorized him by cutting off her fingers and putting them back on again, giving him several nightmares in the days to come.
A 165-year-old sylvan who guarded Sinnissippi Park and was one of Nest's closest friends. When Nest and the others went tobogganing, he flew by her while riding Johnathan to warn her of the hole in the ice, then later helped her to install a security system made of magic around her house so that she would know when a demon entered the premises, though this was foiled when Gask sent Larry in to open one of the windows to allow the ur'droch access. He later helped Nest infiltrate the demon home by guiding her through the demons' own security system so that she could go inside and rescue the children undetected.
A large orange cat who hung around the Freemark house. He exhibited a liking for Litte John, despite never having liked anyone else before.
Bennett Scott
A twenty-year-old drug addict who was saved by Nest when she was five after being lured to the cliffs by the feeders and lived with her for two years before her mother came back to reunite the family, she appeared on Nest's doorstep shortly before Christmas with Harper in tow. While staying with Nest, she attempted to stay off drugs while Penny was tempting her, managing to succeed at first with the help of Two Bears, but eventually gave in, going off to use with Penny for a night. When she returned the day after, Nest took her and the others to Robert's Christmas party, where Bennett managed to dawdle for two hours before saying goodbye to Harper and leaving to use with Penny once more. Once she was high enough, Gask came and the two demons led Bennett to the cliffs, where she fell off and died. When her body was found, it was discovered that she had huge amounts of drugs in her system, but it was determined that she ultimately froze to death.
Harper Scott
Bennett and an unknown man's child, she was almost three years old when they appeared on Nest's doorstep and was frequently outgoing, though she was unable to make Little John react to her. She was almost a victim of the toboggan slide as well and was kidnapped by the ur'droch along with Little John. Nest was able to save her and became her mother afterward in the wake of Bennett's death.
A silent, substanceless demon that was almost universally shunned by everything else, it was a being that was incredibly capable when it came to killing. Gask had it frequently infiltrate the Freemark residence, first to see if Ross was there, then to attack the children, then to kidnap the children, which it succeeded at. During the final confrontation, it was assigned to guard Harper and Little John and thus attacked Nest when it saw her, though Wraith interfered and attacked it in turn. It almost had the better of Wraith when Nest threw on all the lights in the basement, thus eliminating all of its hiding places and allowing Wraith to finish it off.
A being that paralleled the Devil and was in an eternal struggle for dominance with the Word, it summoned Findo Gask and ordered him to locate and destroy John Ross and to bring it the morph.
Kathy Kruppert
Allen Kruppert's wife. The two married out of high school and went caroling with Nest.
Allen Kruppert
A salesman with a reality firm, he and Nest befriended each other ten years ago while she was considering selling the house, even though she ultimately decided against it. He went caroling with Nest along with Kathy and the youth group and was attacked by Twitch.
A large, albino demon who was fond of watching television and served under Findo Gask, he first made his appearance when he answered the door as Nest, the Krupperts, and others were caroling. He terrorized them for a moment before Penny shooed him away. During the final battle, he managed to grip Ross' neck well enough to choke him, though Ross was able to break free and kill him afterward.
Marilyn Winthorn
An older lady who worked with the youth groups.
John Ross Freemark
A gypsy morph that formed in the caves along the shores of Oregon, it was captured by John Ross as ordered by the Lady and underwent a series of transformations, including a bee, a mold, a ferret, and a dog that resembled Wraith before settling on a little boy who said "Nest" three times, prompting Ross to seek out Nest Freemark. Once there, Ross and Nest called him "Little John" while Nest tried to bond with him, usually to no avail, even when she attempted to talk to him about the magic. However, when the ur'droch came into her home to attack them, causing Wraith to emerge and battle it, Little John ran to Nest and called her "Mama" twice. He distanced himself from her again afterward but then repeated his actions at the demon residence, when Wraith was fighting the ur'droch once more. This time, after Nest assured him that Wraith was now separate from her, he was able to change into his final form, that of her unborn child. After the battle, Nest decided she would name him John Ross Freemark in honor of Ross, who died in the fight.
Harold Parks
The manager of Cannon Beach Bookstore in Oregon, he hired Ross for a part-time summer job while Ross was looking for the location of the gypsy morph.
Mrs. Staples
John Ross' landlady while he was staying in Oregon. She was the one who referred him to Anson Robbington when he asked her for help in locating a certain cave. After Ross retrieved the morph, he had to take her car and drive it out of town to escape the demons, but he called her afterward and told her he'd pay for it, which she took in stride.
Anson Robbington
A man who worked at Duane Johnson Realty as a salesman, he was recommended by Mrs. Staples as someone who knew the caves of the Oregon shore well. After Ross provided him with a description of the cave he was looking for, Robbington was able to lead him to its location.
O'olish Amaneh
Also known as Two Bears, he was the 67-year-old Vietnam veteran who was the last of the Sinnissippi and the messenger of the Word. He first appeared to ask Bennett to tell Nest that he was waiting in the park for her, pushing Penny, who was attempting to entice Bennett into using, aside in the process, then told Nest to try talking to the morph during their meeting, as well as goodbye. He then met up with her again shortly afterward at Old Bob's grave, advising her to try bonding with the morph through their shared experience with magic. When he left her, Gask and the three demons under his command attempted to confront and rush him, but he vanished before they could. Two Bears appeared one last time to pick up John Ross' staff after the Lady released Ross from the Word's service.
The owl that Pick rode. He used Johnathan to warn Nest about the hole in the ice and flew into the demon residence with him.
Ray Childress
A twenty-year park employee and Nest's friend, he went out to inspect the ice after the incident with the toboggan slide. When he did so, Gask's latent magic opened another crack in it, which he fell through. The ice closed over him before he was able to climb out, leaving only his hand above the surface.
Andy Wilts
A man who plowed the drive with his four-by-four after it snowed.
Miss Welser
The librarian at Nest's school. When Nest tried to replace a book in the library after having taken it and forgotten to check it out, Welser caught her and gave her detention for well over a month until Nest went to her track coach, who told her to tell Welser that he expected Nest at practice once the track season began, at which point she let her go without a word.
Mr. Thomas
Nest's track coach in school. She went to him to ask what she should do about her continuing detentions; he told her to tell the librarian that he expected Nest at practice once the track season began and taught Nest the importance of standing up for herself.
Amy Heppler
Née Pruitt, she was Robert's wife and helped him settle down after they got married.
A ghost dog created by her father but changed and strengthened by Gran, it was a part of Nest and acted as her protector, breaking free during times of strong emotion and danger, including during the Olympics and the first encounter with the ur'droch. When Nest needed to find Pick so that he could help them infiltrate the demon residence, she sent Wraith out into the park to look for him, at which point he managed to break free from her, which happened because it turned out that she'd never really wanted him there but could only let him go now because of the presence of the gypsy morph. During the final battle, Wraith appeared to defend Nest from the ur'droch and defeated it but did not merge with Nest again afterward, allowing the morph to take on its final form as her unborn child.
The electrician who came in to fix Nest's circuit-breaker box after the ur'droch destroyed it.
Jack Armbruster
The coroner who was there when Nest came in to identify Bennett Scott's body.
Owain Glyndwr
A fisherman who fished along the waters of the Fairy Glen, he was the ghost of a Knight of the Word and a Welsh patriot six hundred years ago. He appeared to John Ross during his last visit to the glen.
The Lady
The voice of the Word, she inhabited the Fairy Glen and told Ross about the gypsy morph, giving him a net to capture it with as well. After the final confrontation, she appeared to the dying Ross after he had made his way to Rock River and set him free from the Word's service, taking him away when she did.
Nest's ex-husband, he called her several times and managed to catch her once, at which point he asked her if she wanted to see him after New Year's. She agreed, but then he asked if she wanted to do a story on her for his sports magazine while they were at it, and she hung up, realizing that he was just using her.

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