The Elf Queen of Shannara Character List

The list for order of appearance has only the characters that had an physical part in the story, not the people that were mentioned only in passing (such as Mirianna Ohmsford - Par and Coll's mother); these will be indicated by italics in the alphabetically-ordered list.

Order of Appearance | Alphabetical Order

Ellenroh Elessedil
The queen of the Elves and Wren's grandmother, she journeys with Wren to the beaches of Morrowindl but is killed by a fever.
A member of the Home Guard, he was killed by a serpent that lived in the Rowen.
Wren Ohmsford/Elessedil
A Rover become Queen of the Elves, she possesses the magic of the Elfstones and journeys to Morrowindl to bring the Elves back to the Four Lands. She and Triss were the only humans to survive Morrowindl's ordeal.
Wren's companion and mentor, he goes with Wren to Morrowindl. On the way back to the beaches, the Wisteron attacked them and poisoned him, turning him into a Shadowen. Wren was forced to kill him.
Tiger Ty's Roc.
Tiger Ty
A Wing Rider, he found Wren at the shores of the Four Lands and brought her to Morrowindl's beaches and back again.
A Splinterscat that Wren found caught in the Wisteron's webbing, he led Wren and Garth to Arborlon. When Tiger Ty came to pick them up, Stresa went along as well.
The most powerful Shadowen living on Morrowindl, it is a spider-like thing that poisoned Garth and killed Gavilan. Wren finally killed it by sinking it into the mud.
A Tree Squeak found in a cave, she "adopts" Wren and goes back to the Four Lands with her.
Aurin Striate
Also known as the Owl, he is the first Elf that Wren met and journeyed with her to the beaches. A Darter's poison killed him while defending Ellenroh.
An Elven field commander, he led the battle against the Shadowen that breached the Keel and was killed accidentally by his own bowmen.
Captain of the Home Guard and the queen's protector, he goes with Wren to the beaches of Morrowindl and is the only one to survive besides her.
Eowen Cerise
Ellenroh's best friend and personal advisor, she was a seer who foretold of her own death and met it while at the Harrow. Drakuls came and subverted her, and Wren reduced her to ashes.
Gavilan Elessedil
The nephew of Ellenroh and Wren's cousin, he is the prince of the Elves. At the Harrow, he killed Dal and took the Ruhk Staff only to meet up with the Wisteron and be gutted.
A member of the Home Guard, he was murdered by Gavilan at the Harrow.
Barsimmon Oridio
The Commander of the Elven army.
Eton Shart
The Elven First Minister, he was left at Arborlon so that he could act as ruler in Ellenroh's absence.
Walker Boh
Known as the Dark Uncle, he became a Druid when he used the Black Elfstone on the mist that protected Paranor.
A once-Druid, he was trapped within Paranor along with Walker and Rumor until Walker became a Druid and restored the keep.
Walker Boh's giant moor cat, he was trapped within Paranor until it was restored.
Coll Ohmsford
Par's brother; he was tricked by Rimmer Dall into donning the Mirrorshroud which will slowly subvert him into a Shadowen.
A Shadowen who trained and fought with Coll while he was imprisoned in Southwatch.
Rimmer Dall
The First Seeker and a Shadowen, he craves Par's magic and uses Coll to bring Par to him.
Par Ohmsford
A Valeman who has the magic of the wishsong of illusion as well as some innate Elfstone magic, he has possession of the Sword of Shannara.
Damson Rhee
Par's lover, she keeps him safe from the Shadowen by moving him from safe hole to safe hole in Tyrsis.

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